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  • AC SSR does not switch off - why?

    AC SSR does not switch off - why?December 11

    I have a circuit meant to manage a shutter (or a shutter motor to be more precise). The motor has two power lines - depending on which power line one connects power, it moves up or down. I designed the following circuit to operate the shutter: RY1 an

  • Capacitor conduct enougth current to maintain coil

    Capacitor conduct enougth current to maintain coilDecember 8

    Im using an arduino to control two 220V AC motor and One 220V AC contactor, here is the diagram; I have the same components on each snubber; a 0.1uF polyester 250V capacitor and a 100Ohm 5W resistor. The problem: When the arduino stops the fan 1 and

  • What is the thought process for specifying an EMI bypass cap on line transformer secondary?

    What is the thought process for specifying an EMI bypass cap on line transformer secondary?December 3

    Update It turns out I had mistakenly interpreted the role of the capacitor in question here as an EMI filter for line noise. It looks like a capacitor in that position actually serves as a snubber for high-frequency rectifier switching spikes/noise.

  • Why is my snubber conducting?

    Why is my snubber conducting?December 1

    I am doing some refrigeration control with arduino and lcd... and I use snubbers to keep the relays from erasing the LCD from the control... The last time I use the relay of the strip board each with a snubber of 400UF and 1KOhm 1/4 watt... (This was

  • Best choice between flyback diode or an RC snubberNovember 11

    I have a motor that has a 24 Vdc (15 ohm) brake attached that tends to weld / burn up the contacts in the ice cube relay that controls it after a year or so. I was wanting to put some protection on it. Would it be better to put a flyback diode across

  • Mosfet with capacitor across the load?

    Mosfet with capacitor across the load?October 8

    I'm designing this general purpose mosfet controlled output, and I'm used to putting D1 due to possibly inductive loads. However I was looking into some other implementations and this guy suggests putting a shunt capacitor (C24 in my schematic) to de

  • ceiling fan capcitor as snubberSeptember 17

    Can I use this ceiling fan capacitor as snubber capacitor to my 110V coil contactor? A low voltage relay controls 110V contactor, so I want to put a capacitor and resistor between the coil of contactor. ceiling fan capacitor

  • Resistor in RC snubberSeptember 15

    What is the purpose of resistor to suppress EMI? Couldn't I just use a suppression capacitor alone between the coil of the relay or contactor? I have tried to use capacitor alone and it did reduce EMI in my project, but I'm just curious of the effect

  • Flyback Transformer Active Snubber Design

    Flyback Transformer Active Snubber DesignAugust 23

    I'm using a flyback transformer along with the LT3750 controller by Linear to charge a capacitor. I'm wanting to increase efficiency and improve the circuit. I began with looking into an RC snubber to relieve some of the voltage stress on the mosfet.

  • Output capacitance of H-Bridge IC (DRV8432DKD) for snubber designAugust 14

    all. I have implemented a hydraulic pump driver circuit using a DRV8432DKD (36-HSSOP package). I provided pads for an RC snubber on my PCB, but I am having some trouble coming up with the values for the snubber's parts because I cannot find any infor

  • Relay control of AC motors, handling turn-off kickbackJuly 22

    I've been researching how to control a smallish AC-motor using a relay, and more specifically, how to turn an AC motor off using a relay. This is a subject that has been up many times at this site, but the answers given vary quite remarkably. The fun

  • Why not use only a MOV as a snubber for relay control of AC motor?

    Why not use only a MOV as a snubber for relay control of AC motor?July 20

    I'm building a circuit to control an AC motor using a relay. Since the motor is an inductive load, there will be a voltage spike when the relay opens. It seems that best practice for dealing with this voltage spike is to connect a capacitor across th

  • Snubber to protect a VO2223A optical triac switching 0.5A @24 vac?July 11

    Is a snubber necessary to protect a VO2223A optical triac to occasionally control a valve that draws .5 amp @ 24 vac 60 hertz. What would be the R/C values if required? --------------Solutions------------- A full procedure for this task can be found

  • RC snubber across switch or inductorJune 16

    What are the differences one should consider between designing an RC snubber across a switch and across an inductor? Is there any preference for putting it across the switch? --------------Solutions------------- A RC snubber can be placed over a swit

  • Is a flyback diode necessary when no sensitive chips are used?

    Is a flyback diode necessary when no sensitive chips are used?June 9

    I have had a look through all the information available about flyback or snubber diodes in a relay system and was hoping to confirm if one is necessary in my circuit or not. All the info about why a flyback is necessary is due to the use of sensitive

  • Confirming the use of a RIFA snubbing component across 120V relay switchMay 17

    I have a mains relay switch (Packard C230B 2 Pole 30 Amp Contactor 120 Volt Coil) which allows me to turn on my pre-amp based on the existence of AC voltage on the amplifiers AC output plug (which is not sufficiently rated to drive the pre-amp). It's

  • When are Avalanche-Rated MOSFETs Necessary?May 5

    Why do we care about avalanche rating for power MOSFETs in circuits that exhibit inductive kick (flyback converters, motor drives, etc.)? I understand the basic destructive mechanisms behind avalanche breakdown. As described here, the primary mechani

  • Are all snubbers interchangeale?April 2

    There are different kinds of snubbers that can be used. I know of 3, but there could be more. D RC RCD If an certain circuit uses a diode, can I swap it for an RC ? Or if a circuit has an RC, can I swap it for a diode ? Are they interchangeable ? If

  • How to calculate resistor and capacitor size for snubber circuits

    How to calculate resistor and capacitor size for snubber circuitsMarch 28

    I have a 24 VAC Contactor that I want to drive with a microcontroller through a photmos. How do I calculate the proper size resistor and capacitor for a snubber circuit? Here are some of the specifics. Thank you for your help! Microcontroller - 5V DC

  • Help Identifying Capacitor

    Help Identifying CapacitorMarch 6

    I was given the following capacitor by a spare parts shopkeeper when I asked for a polypropylene capacitor (to be used in RC snubber circuit for a mains load). Can someone confirm this is the right kind? Will be connecting this is series with a resis

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