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  • Route USB mic input to System Audio output for Camtasia 2?February 13

    I'm using Camtasia 2 for the Mac on El Capitan (10.11.3). I need to use two microphones so the audio will record to separate audio tracks. Camtasia 2 has one input audio source that does recognize the digital audio interface, a MOTU 828 MK3.(Only for

  • Stream different videos and sounds to Bluetooth headphones & loudspeakersJanuary 8

    I have Bluetooth headphones & loudspeakers. I want to stream sound from iTunes to Bluetooth headphones and a YouTube video to the loudspeakers. I know that OS X allows to stream one source to both devices, but I want to stream each stream to differen

  • Skype with both system and microphone audio in El Capitan

    Skype with both system and microphone audio in El CapitanJanuary 5

    I'm trying to use Skype for screen sharing with simultaneous audio from my microphone and the Mac system (for example a video or a game). Using Soundflower, and in the Audio Midi Setup an Aggregate Device for input and a Multi-Output Device for outpu

  • Setting Up Ecler Evo 5, MPC 5000 and Pro Tools 12December 29

    I'm trying to set up the Ecler Evo 5 to read the Akai MPC 5000 via MIDI, and Pro Tools 12 to read the Ecler Evo 5 via FireWire. If anyone has a similar set up and knows the way to make these synchronize, help please.

  • Updating to El Capitan wiped out Soundflower presetsOctober 31

    I just finished updating my OS X to El Capitan, and when I went to open AU Lab, it said the Soundflower input and output could not be found. I checked system preferences and both Soundflower 2ch and 64ch are no longer listed in the Sound tab. I unins

  • How can quicktime record audio from two sources: mac and iphone?

    How can quicktime record audio from two sources: mac and iphone?September 11

    I use quicktime a lot to record screen sessions from my iphone.. I use this to share how my app behaves to my developers.. however right now i'm doing usability tests.. and what i would like to do is have someone sit in front of my mac, connect the i

  • Can I play audio from computer through VOIP connection?August 24

    I'm using join.me for online presentations. If I have a video I'd like to share, I can't send the sound to join.me. I was thinking perhaps some Soundflower set up might enable this function. Any ideas about that, or other ways to send audio to a VOIP

  • Installed Yosemite, now have audio issues

    Installed Yosemite, now have audio issuesAugust 12

    I have searched but nothing covers my actual issue. See the pictures.. For some reason I have soundFlower in my audio selections but I never installed it and I have no clue how to get back o the normal items. .]

  • Permanently enabling volume control for audio interface that doesn't support itFebruary 10

    I use an audio interface (namely a Roland Edirol UA-5, but that doesn't matter) which does not support volume control. I can only control the volume with the physical volume dial on the audio interface. Now, by combining two freewares from RogueAmoeb

  • Soundflower + AU Lab + Mavericks results in incessant clicking

    Soundflower + AU Lab + Mavericks results in incessant clickingSeptember 22

    I have successfully routed my system audio through AU Lab via Soundflower, but it clicks. To my knowledge, that clicking sound usually means that buffer sizes are out of wack (either too small, or not consistent across any applications in the signal

  • Can Soundflower route audio into Facetime?September 17

    I have successfully routed my built-in microphone's audio to a Google Hangout through AU Lab via Soundflower, and want to do the same with Facetime. Using the same settings as with the Google Hangout seem to be unsuccessful. The setup for Hangouts is

  • Using Audacity to Record Skype with External MicJuly 24

    i am using Audacity to (attempt to) record a skype conversation. I am using an external mic. when i attempt to record skype (via soundflower) in audacity, i only hear the skype output. I can hear the caller on the other end, but not me. this is true

  • Capture audio only from VLCJune 14

    I'm using SoundFlower but it's capturing all the audio of the system. I only want to capture the audio of VLC and it's not letting me choose the Output.

  • Macbook Internal Speaker Option GoneApril 26

    I know there's a lot of other questions similar to this, but none of them seem to be right. My problem's nothing to do with the headphone jack - I haven't used it for ages and there's no red light - it's just the speakers not being an option in Syste

  • How do I route YouTube audio to AU Lab using SoundFlower?December 1

    How do I route audio from a YouTube video to AU Lab using SoundFlower so that I can capture the YouTube video's sound stream? --------------Solutions------------- Crank the computer's volume all the way up. (This is so that you pass 100% of the sound

  • How to share Mac audio over Skype with the microphone?November 10

    System: 2011 iMac, built-in microphone, Mountain Lion. This is a two part question. First the more basic scenario, second the more-niche scenario that I hope to ultimately solve. I want to share my Mac audio over Skype, while still being able to simu

  • Why is AU Lab not saving my output device settings?April 3

    I use the combination of Soundflowerbed and AU Lab on my MacBook Air in order to have a system-wide equalizer. In AU Lab, when I open a document I previously created, the device selected in the output settings is not restored correctly. I saved the d

  • Soundflower difficultiesMarch 2

    I recently downloaded Soundflower so I could record some audio with the imagery I can already record through QuickTime. The thing is, once I've set Soundflower up I can't hear anything on my computer! I already found an answer to this problem in an o

  • How can I mix audio from separate devices and output to one device?

    How can I mix audio from separate devices and output to one device?December 13

    I have a USB audio interface which I use for recording. When I use some recording app (like Audacity), I can select the USB interface from a drop down menu, which will tell Audacity to use that device for audio input. Sometimes I want to record from

  • How can I send my computer's audio to multiple outputs?

    How can I send my computer's audio to multiple outputs?June 25

    I'm sending my system's audio to Soundflower, but I want to send it to my headphones at the same time. Is there any way I can achieve this? --------------Solutions------------- That's where the Soundflowerbed application comes into play. It lets you

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