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  • Stringify JSON differently on each levelFebruary 17

    In order to hash (sha1) a JSON and to compare the resulting hash to a given one, I need a String which is exactly the same as the one that has been used to create the given hash. Then, my stringified JSON must have different indentation for sub nodes

  • Adding prototype functions back to returned Google Maps API object when using JSON.stringifyFebruary 17

    I'm try to take two locations, find the directions between the two points using directionsService.route in the Google Maps API, and then store the directions object I'm returned in localStorage for later use. I'm trying to use the solution below (for

  • parsing JSON with angularjsFebruary 9

    I have a JSON response returning special characters in the response below. [{"@networkName":"nameOfNetwork1"}, {"@networkName":"nameOfNetwork2"}] Does anyone know how to get rid of the '@' symbol or a way around it?

  • Json.stringify very slow in EJS parsingFebruary 9

    Im rendering an EJS in my node.js express app like so, res.render('chart' ,{"data":result}) inside my ejs document.ready function i do, var myObj = <%- JSON.stringify(data)%> Problem is this JSON.stringify function is very slow and takes a

  • Prettify stringified object in javascript to serve in a static html pageFebruary 3

    I'm trying to use this code to prettify a JSON object retrieved from another service and return it in a static page (has to be). The javascript functions work but I'm having issues dealing with the stringified object. It works fine encoding for examp

  • Dynamic property Object - JSONJanuary 30

    This is my JSON with Javascript: /** * @param {String} value1 * @param {String} value2 * @param {String} value3 * @param {Number} value4 * * @constructor * @properties={typeid:24,uuid:"F146465E-7D8C-4D8B-B37C-954E65AFBEAD"} */ function CarData (

  • JSON.stringify not display properly, while use multiple javascript objectJanuary 29

    I have use generate the javascript multiple object based my page result, then convert to JSON string. but JSON.stringify not display properly. I don't know why display like this. I have added example of my coding var sample_object = []; var sub_array

  • Converting javascript stringified string to java stringJanuary 16

    I have an app that uses Parse as a backend. Parse calls a web scraper which returns a string to Parse and I have to use stringify on the string I received because it's not always allowed to be sent over the network otherwise. Once I stringify that st

  • Stringify single and double quotesSeptember 8

    With the following code I am creating an object to pass to a webservice. The single quote seems to be handled with a replace in the stringify before the object is passed to the service, but I don't know how to modify the double quote. If I inspect th

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