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  • Computed property generates "Overriding declaration requires an 'override' keyword" errorMarch 9

    Code below. Why does the "Overriding declaration requires an 'override' keyword" error occur? Isn't this the "Swift" way of providing getters and setters to properties? class TestClass : UICollectionViewCell { var _selected = false var

  • App crashes with BLE under SwiftMarch 7

    I am developing a Swift App using Bluetooth LE, that crashes from time to time - not really reproducable. I get always the same error message but can't find anything to lighten things up. *** Assertion failure in -[CBUUID initWithData:], /BuildRoot/L

  • How do I simulate vehicle movement in a non-gravity environment (e.g., space)?

    How do I simulate vehicle movement in a non-gravity environment (e.g., space)?February 16

    As a series of small experiments, I've began to tinker with game development, specifically using SpriteKit and Swift. I'm looking to simulate a body moving through a non-gravity environment, specifically space. My vehicle starts in the middle of the

  • Submitting a Google Review via google sign in api for iosJanuary 10

    I am using the https://developers.google.com/identity/sign-in/ios/ to allow a user to sign into their google account into my application. I would like to then allow that user to write & submit a review for my business. Is there an api or guide that s

  • How to bring a CGRect to front with Swift?January 9

    I'm using the iOS MaterialKit to create a button on my view. The sample code they give is: let button = MKButton(frame: CGRect(x: 10, y: 10, width: 100, height: 35)) button.maskEnabled = true button.rippleLocation = .TapLocation button.rippleLayerCol

  • iOS - UINavigationController is reloaded after dismissing viewJanuary 8

    I have a UINavigationController. In my app, I navigate (push) through 3 view controllers. At this point I want to temporarily present a view controller, instead of pushing it. self.presentViewController(imagePicker, animated: true, completion: nil) O

  • Altering (refining) delegate type in swiftJanuary 7

    I have a (swift) class which has a weak pointer to a delegate like this: import UIKit @objc public protocol DRSlidingPanelViewControllerDelegate : class { optional func didSlidePanel(panelHidden : Bool , sender : DRSlidingPanelViewController) -> Void

  • GPUImage does not update when MotionShake detectedJanuary 7

    I have a fuction, which after a shake, resets all sliders to their defaults and calles -proccesImage after the slider's value has been changed. The problem is that each of the sliders do, in fact, get reset to the defaut positios but GPUImage does no

  • Anchor Text String Transformation in SwiftNovember 14

    I need to convert a string using these rules: Downcase the string Replace spaces, a blacklist of "invalid" chars, and non-ascii letters (like é) with - Replace repeated hyphens (ie --) with one hyphen (-) For example, Is my résumé good enough? s

  • New to mobile application development ! What languages to study?November 10

    I am a graphic designer, but inspired by programming and coding . I got ideas of mobile app i want to create like instagram. I want to know what Languages to learn for that : what i have known till now is : 1- Learning java and java android to develo

  • Delete tableview cell crash swiftNovember 10

    Hello i wanna delete tableview cell following error occur Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'Invalid update: invalid number of sections. The number of sections contained in the table view after the

  • Convert Unix (Epoch) time to local timeNovember 7

    The API I'm using returns time as Unix time (1424952512) So far I can convert the unix time to NSDate using func timeStamp(unixTime: Double)-> NSDate { let interval:NSTimeInterval = unixTime let date:NSDate = NSDate(timeIntervalSince1970: interval) p

  • Swift SpriteKit GameplayKit check GKStateMachine does not equal stateAugust 12

    I have just finished converting my game using the Entity and Component base architecture (GameplayKit) that apple introduced in iOS9. I cannot figure out how to check that a current state (GKStateMachine) does not equal a state. Say I want to check t

  • xcode ui test: staticTexts start withAugust 10

    i want to check if an element on my ui which start with a prefix is present. How is it possible to implement it in Xcode7 UI Tests? app.tables["AAA"].staticTexts["Fax: 0049XXXXXXXX"].exists I have three element into a tableview cell an

  • Swift - GCM: How to hide push notification

    Swift - GCM: How to hide push notificationAugust 7

    I have implemented working GCM push notifications in my app. I need the notifications only for sync the database with new content. That works well. But i dont want to show user msg that PUSH notification came. How do i hide it?

  • custom delegate getting nil in swift , not getting call back [on hold]August 2

    I am trying to create a custom delegate using TLPhotoControllerDelegate in swift. However the doSomething method is not being called through callback. It seems that delegate?. TLPhotoControllerDelegate() does not fire to the class B TLPhotoController

  • How to make the uitextfield in the search controller, not to allign vertical center when i change the frame heightFebruary 25

    Now i am creating custom search bar, i am intend to add one more textfield (extra filter textfield), when the user begin edit the textfield text. So in order to achieve it, i create a new cocoa class which is uisearchbar and the following code overri

  • Can views be animated to oscillate alpha without additional frameworks?February 18

    I am experimenting with animations for a UIImageView and have noticed that it is trivial to animate repeated movement but apparently not so for shifting alpha up and down indefinitely. I am using this line currently: UIView.animateWithDuration(0.5, d

  • My label won't update and is causing my game to crashFebruary 18

    I'm very new to swift and coding in general, so any help is much appreciated! I have a CCLabelTTF as a score keeper of sorts, that is supposed to update every time you pass through and obstacle. The collision is working and the points seem to be incr

  • Interactive game over menu

    Interactive game over menuFebruary 17

    I am trying to get an interactive menu to pop up when the player loses a game. Currently I just show a game over image like so: func showGameOver() { gameOverPanel.hidden = false scene.userInteractionEnabled = false tapGestureRecognizer = UITapGestur

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