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  • Multiple terminals, multiple commands, lxterminalJanuary 9

    I am working with Python. Writing a script, I am attempting to use os.system() to open a new terminal, create new tabs and run different commands in each respective tab (which appear to run simultaneously). I am familiar with gnome-terminal as it is

  • Select the second tab in a section of a pageNovember 12

    index.html#section navigates you to a certain section of a page. But I want to select the second tab in a section of a page. I don't know if it can be done without javascript but using Tab Content Script (v 2.2) with the method instance.expandit(tabi

  • Building Angular-ui Bootstrap tabs with ad hoc uib-tabset, uib-tab tag elementsFebruary 18

    I'm writing my nice tabs panel with angular-ui bootstrap directives. Therefore I've included in my project, under a folder called "templates" the two html templates: tab.html and tabset.html. Their code, as it can be found also on GitHub is: tab

  • C# MetroUI ComboBox strange behaviour on TAB press

    C# MetroUI ComboBox strange behaviour on TAB pressFebruary 17

    I'm using MetroUI framework in my C# WinForms application. Here on the picture below is an example of valid ComboBox behaviour, with white background and blue selection. On the picture below is the example of invalid ComboBox behaviour, where each it

  • Setting the tab content, but parameter is ViewFebruary 17

    I use TabWidget, here's some code tabSpec = tabHost.newTabSpec("tab" + Integer.toString(i)); View tabView = getLayoutInflater().inflate(R.layout.tab_header, null); TextView tv = (TextView) tabView.findViewById(R.id.tabTitleText); tv.setText(week

  • RecyclerView in Fragment with slide TabsFebruary 17

    I have an application where I use slide tabs with fragment and in each fragment I have recyclerview with custom adapter, I have 5 tabs now the apps works ok while I slide, the correct data is shown, the first 4 tabs share same layout for the recycler

  • Set or display browser tab nameFebruary 17

    I have a site I'm trying to have the page title display on the tab within IE and Firefox. I have the title set but when I go to view the site the tabs just show the URL of the page. I searched and was unable to find a clear answer on how to correct t

  • Foundation 6: How to add tabs using jqueryFebruary 17

    i'm trying to add a tab in foundation with jquery. See my Demo code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>Tab Test</title> <link href="foundation-6/css/foundation.css" type=

  • Crash in debug build for mixed mfc dialog and mdi projectFebruary 17

    I am working on a project which is a mixture of dialog and MDI. The project started as a tabbed dialog project. Later MDI was added to it. On clicking one of the tabs the MDI is invoked. Without clicking the a particular tab it remains only a dialog

  • Toolbar and Tabs not appearing up with ViewPagerFebruary 17

    I am getting Toolbar and Tabs, If I would not use ViewPager : <android.support.v4.view.ViewPager android:id="@+id/viewpager" android:layout_width="match_parent" android:layout_height="match_parent" /> But when I use Vie

  • Run content script loop only when tab is activeFebruary 17

    I am working on a chrome extension that uses content scripts to runs a loop. The tasks ran in the loop can consume quite some memory, and when having a lot of open tabs it impacts on the browser performance. I am looking to run the loop only when the

  • Bootstrap: create outside link to panels that are inside of tabsFebruary 15

    My bootstrap-based site has panels inside of tabs. I want to create a link (from outside of the tabs) that will open the right tab, and then scroll to a chosen panel. How do I do this? I tried applying the solution from this question: Bootstrap 3.0.2

  • How to Stretch WPF Tab Item Headers to Parent Control Width after add new tabFebruary 15

    I using alghoritm provided here. It doesn't work after add new tabitem. For example: I add two tabs by default then I add new tab. My new tab has correct width = allwidth/3 but two other tabs have old width = allwidth/2. How can I make correct width

  • Bootstrap 3 tabs not loading content via ajaxFebruary 15

    I am working on bootstrap tabs and all the content is loaded into the tab using Ajax via remote url. But in my case I am not able to make it work as expected. I googled thoroughly and tried different ways but none of them succeeded. Here is what I ha

  • Simple Jquery Tabs - external linksFebruary 15

    i'm using this simple tabs Jaquery which works great - but i want to adapt it so that i can link to these tabs from external pages and the page opens up on the chose tab. Any ideas: $(".tabs-menu a").click(function(event) { event.preventDefault(

  • Xamarin mvmcross tab navigation between view models

    Xamarin mvmcross tab navigation between view modelsFebruary 15

    I have two screens which are linked to two tab buttons Name Duration I would like tab to move to second button when I click Next button. In my view model this is my command for Next Button Here is my code sample public IMvxCommand NextCommand { get {

  • Open pdf in a new tabFebruary 15

    I currently have some javascript to open a link to a pdf file in a new window: function help(){ var help = window.open("/dir/downloadFile.action", "HelpFile","HEIGHT=600,WIDTH=800,SCROLLBARS,RESIZABLE,TOOLBAR"); help.focus();

  • like to add social icon on wordpress tabFebruary 15

    I have created tabbed content in WordPress and would like to share those specific content in social media. I saw other website have this SOCIAL SHARING BUTTON in tab content but I don't know how to put this is my website link of tab content (which I

  • wordpress social button on tabFebruary 15

    my prblem is- I have created tabbed content in WordPress and like to share those specific content in social media. I saw other website have this SOCIAL SHARING BUTTON in tab content but i don't know how to put. this is my website link of tab content

  • Move dialog controls into tabs?February 15

    I have a dialog with several controls. Next, I added a 3rd party grid control, which is quite bulky. It looks good, but there is not enough screen space. One desirable option would be to have 2 tabs, one with the existing controls and the other to ho

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