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  • When typing on Bluetooth keyboards, letter sometimes infinitely repeats while not holding it downFebruary 13

    For years, I've had no problem with using on a Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Keyboard as well as a Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000. I'm using a late 2011 MacBook Pro, OSX El Capitan v.10.11.3, (Bluetooth 4.0). problem: Starting about 3 weeks ago,

  • Exception to smart quote substitution for one wordJanuary 31

    I have System Preferences|Keyboard enabled for smart quotes. Unfortunately, this tends to turn Hawai'i into Hawai'i even when I use Option–]. Any suggestion how to get one word the way I want? (Not interested in global disable of smart quotes.) -----

  • Display unicode information

    Display unicode informationJanuary 7

    The unicode entry tool in OS X 10.11 (the one displayed in your menu bar if you tick the appropriate box in the first tab of the keyboard settings) allows me to copy information about a symbol. There is an entry to this effect in the context menu of

  • Can I get a non-blinking caret?January 2

    I'm looking for a configuration setting for turning off caret (text cursor) blinking. I've got a Galaxy Tab A with Android 5.0.2. If there's no UI setting, is there a config file I can edit? I'll root my device and void the warranty if it'll make the

  • Why is my LG G3 receiving text messages with the wrong words?December 18

    I am using the LG G3 on AT&T's network. When receiving messages from a Galaxy S5, also on AT&T's network, the last part of the message shows words that the other person did not send to me. If I look at a screenshot of the conversation on the S5, t

  • Enable spell check on the physical keyboard of an Android tablet?December 17

    I have a Sony Z4 tablet with a physical keyboard dock and I can't get spell checking when using the hardware keyboard. It works fine when using the touch keyboard but nothing on the physical one. Are there any solutions to enable spell checking for h

  • How to make the OSX text substitution available everywhere?December 7

    As it currently stands, the OSX text substitution feature seems to require an application to actively support it to be available - which many do not. Is there a way to make the text substitution available everywhere? If I'm not wrong this should be p

  • Needed: easy program for inserting symbols and Unicode characters

    Needed: easy program for inserting symbols and Unicode charactersNovember 21

    On MacOS 10.11 I am constantly going to the Emoji & Symbol viewer to bring in arrows and other kinds of symbols: Problems with this interface include: It it bound to the current program, rather than operating system level. So you need to make the win

  • Strange problem with "Samsung keyboard"

    Strange problem with "Samsung keyboard"November 8

    My stock keyboard in Samsung Galaxy S3 wouldn't change languages!!. Since yesterday, im trying to solve it without restore or root the phone but i really fixed it.. The problem is that the two arrows in the space button (in the left and right corner)

  • Why do I keep losing my 'text substitutions?'October 20

    I'm a heavy user of OS X's / iOS's 'text substitutions' or text replacements. I probably have hundreds of these. At some point in the recent-ish past (last couple of years?), Apple silently started syncing them between devices logged into the same iC

  • Keyboard shortcut to insert text - KeynoteOctober 13

    I'm new to Keynote and am disappointed by the lack of shortcuts for basic actions like "insert text". Any idea of how to attribute a single key such as the letter "T" to insert text action? If for any reason a single letter without cmd

  • How do you input Cantonese characters in Android?September 18

    I am able to use handwriting to input Chinese characters. However, I would like to input Cantonese characters (which are slightly different from Chinese characters). How do I do this? --------------Solutions------------- Use Cantonese Input. Install

  • A white input bar appear when typing on keyboard while play game

    A white input bar appear when typing on keyboard while play gameAugust 29

    I have a problem everytime I play a game on my Mac, and try to use keyboard's alphabet characters, a white input bar appear on the bottom of the screen (and the character go there instead of to the game). What is it and how can I turn it off? Thank y

  • How to add a text/input field into PDF on MacJuly 31

    I have a PDF form where some manager should write down the relevant data. I want to add an text/input field to this PDF file to simplify this process - now it is just printed lines to fill by handwriting. After I add the text field I send the PDF fil

  • How do certain apps record everything we type in android?July 28

    Certain apps like Type Machine claim to be able to record everything you type. You have to install it and activate it from the device's accessibility settings, then it can somehow record typed text. How is this even possible? It is not a keyboard app

  • Send Intent of 'Input Type' to Google KeyboardJuly 27

    TextBoxes On Android Browsers dont give spelling suggestions. I want to send the google keyboard an intent telling it to use spelling suggestions. Programmers specify the input type: <EditText android:id="@+id/message" android:layout_width=&q

  • Pasting over paragraph break on iOS 8

    Pasting over paragraph break on iOS 8July 26

    So far as I know, this only started happening with iOS 8 update, it's been a fairly minor annoyance, but I figure I'd ask here before considering it a bug. When pasting things in the first column of the last line of an input field, the preceding line

  • How to add a new word to keyboard by backspacing and clicking on its suggestion?July 19

    It used to be that if I were to type a new word, like Androidenthusiast, it would suggest other words. I wouldn't select any, press space, backspace, and then it was there as a suggestion. If I clicked on it, it would say "Click again to save",

  • Focusing On An Input Box Quickly Will Delete The First Two Characters Typed!June 21

    If I focus on a user-input box, select what's in it, press delete, and start typing, the first two characters I type will get selected and deleted. Let's say this is an input box: Input Content I put my cursor there: Input Content | I select: |Input

  • Install keyboard on Android WearApril 23

    I've got an Android wear device.(the LG G Watch) And I installed some APK apps via ADB. How can I install a keyboard on Android Wear that I can use in apps I installed with ADB? I tried plugging in a keyboard to the Android Wear but it didn't help. T

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