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  • Dropdown menu's fighting with each other September 24

    I'm sure there's a simple CSS answer to this that I'm not seeing :( http://www.glennduxbury-inspections.com/litb/ On my navigation menu if you hover over a sub menu item, and then slowly move your mouse to the right, it will switch to the next items

  • Function to limit number of custom post types on homepage - TwentyTenDecember 2

    here is the deal... I got hold of this piece of code to change the default post type shown on my TwentyTen child theme's homepage. It works like a charm when I add this code to the functions.php file, but I would like to also limit the number of post

  • How to override function twentyten_commentDecember 19

    I am running the Twenty Ten theme. I want to override comment formatting for certain posts. After researching how to do this, I copied the twentyten_comment function from the parent theme (twentyten) into the functions.php file for my child theme (tw

  • individual images as navigation design TwentyTenApril 15

    I can't figure out a solution for changing the black bar in Twenty Ten to individual background images behind each link. Using an image I created in Photoshop I have tried changing a few things in the CSS file but probably not the right changes. Do I

  • How to get twenty ten content side by side (images and/or text)?February 2

    I try to align content side by side. I tried this solution from the Wordpress forum but it is not working for me: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/how-can-i-display-two-pictures-next-to-each-other --------------Solutions------------- I had to guide

  • How to disable commenting from Twenty Ten theme? February 1

    This is a terrible user experience when I'm trying to do the most simple thing and it never works. There are many pages with "instructions" how to do this and none of the "instructions" work. Now we hate Wordpress for making the most s

  • how to keep theme background image, menu or site header image while moving site in sub directory?December 21

    I'm moving site root to sub directory, menu background image or site header display as default, I have change URL in db as set all sub directory location also set .htaccess but my custom background or header and menu not display as before? I'm used t

  • Adding Tag On Single Post from bbpress (Tewenty Ten) ThemesNovember 18

    i want adding tag on my single post, currently now i am using bbpress (Twent Ten) Themes, What i want is include Taged With : on a single post. Thank You, RA --------------Solutions------------- Use bbp_topic_tag_list() function, like this: $args = a

  • Add blogs to "Blogs i Follow" sidebar

    Add blogs to "Blogs i Follow" sidebar August 10

    We've been reading through the documentation and watched a video, and gone through all the options in the Dashboard, but whenever we try adding links to the Blog Roll or 'Blogs I follow' section, they never appear on my blog. How do you add favorite

  • I would like to remove the url and description from about the headerJuly 20

    I am using the twenty ten theme. Could someone kindly tell which line / lines to axe to remove that URL and description and move the banner picture to the top of the page. Thanks in advance. Brandon

  • Twenty ten or Twenty eleven as base for responsive child themeMarch 1

    I'm about to make a new child theme and really would like to learn a bit about making it responsive. The design/changes will be rather small. I've done some child themes for both Twenty ten and Twenty eleven but not sure which one to choose for tryin

  • conditional (theme) language selection at 'runtime'February 23

    I have two issues to change the language for the theme at 'runtime'. I'm not sure about my question title, hope my description helps. I already use a plugin Polylang and there nice features: link pages with equal content but different languages AND c

  • Extend the twentyten dropdown menu with jQuery with a delay onmouseoutOctober 30

    I would like to extend the pure CSS dropdown menu of the standard twentyten theme in order to accomodate a small delay on hiding the submenu onmouseout. Is there any way we could do this using jQuery? I've seen some solutions using hoverIntent: jQuer

  • Category Archives: Show posts categorized in parent category onlyOctober 10

    When I view a category page in 2010 theme, it shown posts categorized in: the category visible in url child categories of 1. I want to restrict the results to 1. only. Please help. --------------Solutions------------- And this is the indirect way I a

  • Why does the TwentyTen Theme sidebar ul have a class called 'xoxo'?September 30

    Why is the CSS class called 'xoxo'? What does it mean? --------------Solutions------------- I was curious about this myself one day. Here's a link explaining it. Excerpt from Wikipedia link above: XOXO (eXtensible Open XHTML Outlines) is an XML micro

  • How to create a drop down menu like in twenty eleven theme?September 14

    I really like the drop down menu solution of twenty eleven theme: http://twentyelevendemo.wordpress.com/ and would like to create a similar one but I cannot figure how it works, or is it based on some existing code for dropdown menus? Is there any so

  • do_shortcode() in twentyeleven themeAugust 27

    I observed a difference between twentyten and twentyeleven themes. Let me explain with an example: example.com/category/health-beauty/ finds one post containing just a shortcode. If I use twentyten, nothing is displayed but in twentyeleven the shortc

  • Making a 1140px wide header logo in the twenty-ten theme?July 22

    I've created a child theme that is a wide version of twenty-ten, and it is working for the most part. But I am struggling to make the header logo wider. You can see the work in progress here at http://7d7d.net The CSS that is not working is (it still

  • How to override function in functions.php of parent theme?July 1

    I have created child of theme twentyten. I tried to override function written below /** * Returns a "Continue Reading" link for excerpts * * @since Twenty Ten 1.0 * @return string "Continue Reading" link */ function twentyten_continue_

  • Looking for the code in twentyten that allows users to select images for the header/banner

    Looking for the code in twentyten that allows users to select images for the header/bannerJune 12

    I am looking for the code that renders the below page. Where can I find it, it does not appear to be in functions.php? I want to learn how they allow users to upload images --------------Solutions------------- The code you are looking for is in funct

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