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  • Is there some good websites to find a replacement part?April 5

    I know everyone will say google it. It's not the final awnser I'm looking for... Lets just says when the part make no sense becuz sn number give you some random shit (??). ex: looking for thermostat but getting a toilet seat from china. Is there some

  • Polygonal Lasso tool behaving strangely - why?March 16

    When I use the polygonal lasso tool and double click to close the loop at the end, the selection doesnt become the portion contained in the path I traced becomes a bunch of bizarre shapes - why is that happening suddenly?

  • Convert HD video to HD gifJanuary 14

    Hi i am trying converting a 5 seconds video to a gif using Photoshop. The result is terrible, specially if video has blurred items the final gif is horrible. Do you know any better way to convert it in hd ? Maybe some photoshop setup would work ? Tha

  • How to list all URLs in the source code files of a website with command line tools?April 24

    I have folder that contains the source code files of a website (tons of html, css and php files). I would like to find an automatic method (preferably with command line tools) to scan this folder recursively and get a list of URLs that are included i

  • SnagIt vs Screenpresso for Screenshot Annotation and Screen Capture Editing?January 14

    I am a tester for uTest.com who uses screenshots and screen capture extensively for my test cycles. I used the free trial versions of both Snagit 12 and Screenpresso and am on the fence about which one I should get. I certainly like the price point b

  • What are the challenges using cloud or SaaS based testing tools?February 17

    Not sure this is the right forum for this type of question. Didn't see anything like it in the search results. We are investigating QA testing tools and pondering the on-prem vs. cloud/SaaS models. I understand what the differences are architecture-w

  • ArcGIS: What is the behavior of ToolValidator class and checkboxes?February 17

    In trying to simulate a pair of radio buttons in a ToolValidator class using checkbox parameters (yes, this subject has been discussed before), I find that I do not understand what exactly is the behaviour of the tool dialog vis a vis checkboxes and

  • Tool to collecting small InPage-Feedback? [on hold]

    Tool to collecting small InPage-Feedback? [on hold]February 16

    I am looking for a tool I can collect feedback/micro-surveys in my page. There is Usabilla for it: https://usabilla.com/products/in-page This tool is very powerful for it, but you can use this feature only in enterprise version. Are there any alterna

  • Which tool for custom queries?February 14

    I'm new to the GIS world, and I'm trying to work out what tool I should start with in order to analyse some data and run custom spatial queries on it. I have a data set representing the recording of a construction site vehicle and its activity over a

  • What tools,methods, etc. Can I use for advanced prototyping? [on hold]February 10

    So, I am working on this product and I have been asked to do an advanced prototype where the user can select a particular choice from a drop down menu, add text, hovers, etc. I downloaded Axure and I made a prototype with the invision app, but does a

  • Synopsys: Dynamic Power CalculationFebruary 9

    I have used Synopsys design vision to estimate dynamic power used by my design. I already synthesized my design, then using ModelSim I simulated my design and created a .vcd file. Then changed it to a .saif file and finally using design_vision and it

  • Illustrator and direct selection tool. Help!

    Illustrator and direct selection tool. Help!February 8

    I was watching a tutorial on youtube on how to make a specific logo on illustrator. The guy draws a triangle with the polygon tool. He then takes the direct selection tool and grabs the uper and left corner anchor points and drags them to the right.

  • Recommended utility for editing of GEOJSON filesFebruary 8

    I have a geojson file with the boundaries and some very basic statistics (population) for all the counties in US. States are enumerated (1,2,...), not named. I also have a csv file with a comprehensive demographic and health statistics for each count

  • More Power? (do I need to upgrade my pc?) February 5

    This question already has an answer here: Building A Computer Specifically for Graphic Design, 2K Budget [duplicate] 3 answers In advance, I'd like to thank you for your help. And apologies for the amateur question – but that's exactly what I am. For

  • Alternative to Qtech Hide & View for Linux [on hold]February 4

    Is there any similar program to Qtech Hide & View (steganography tool) for Linux? Or any other tool that uses a steganography method with similar power to store large amounts of data? Not like F5 or Outguess. Thanks!

  • How to install Kali Linux Tools in Ubuntu 15.10February 3

    I would like to install all kali linux tools on ubuntu 15.10, is there anyway to do that? I tried using katoolin but that broke my ubuntu. Is there another way to do this safely (Without breaking ubuntu)?

  • Is it possile to add links under Tools section of Accounts tab

    Is it possile to add links under Tools section of Accounts tabFebruary 1

    can we add links under tools section of Accounts tab.Currently there are 4-5 links already available.Can we customize tools section of Accounts tab. --------------Solutions------------- No, you can't. You would need to roll out your own solution such

  • simple sprite files sequence viewer?January 31

    I wonder does anybody know where can i find simple sprite animation viewer? I mean just to view animation of sequence of separate png files. (NOT editor or sheet viewer/maker). Thanx!

  • What is "mains outlet tester" (for proper wiring) in the context of US power connector standard?

    What is "mains outlet tester" (for proper wiring) in the context of US power connector standard?January 31

    I'm curious about this comment. It says what ... in the US or UK you should be able to go to a hardware store and buy an outlet tester for very little money. This is a little plastic housing which plugs into a wall socket and has 3 LEDs. The pattern

  • Check stability of the internet connectionJanuary 30

    I am using Ubuntu 12.04 and want to find out if my system or the router or the provider is causing the problem, why I loose internet connection once or twice an hour. The computer is connected via Ethernet and the behaviour is that I loose connection

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