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  • Team members on board can't add cards to the boardJanuary 22

    I created a board and added members to it with normal permissions, and they can see the board, but they are unable to add cards to the board. Is this possible to do?

  • How to copy all board task headers within column to clipboard in Trello?November 10

    I'want to copy to clipboard list that contains only headers of tasks within one column Trello. TODO DOING DONE Task3 Task2 Task1 Task4 and I want to copy only column TODO So the output will be: Task3 Task4 Is it possible with some shortcut / action i

  • Resizing Trello lists bug with Internet ExplorerJune 3

    Some of my team use Firefox, some use Internet Explorer. The guys on IE have a problem where by if they scroll down a long vertical list, then hover over a card - the list resizes and jumps back up the page? Any way around this? (Other than using Fir

  • Display open checklist items on face of cardMay 22

    Is it possible to show open checklist items on the face of the card without having to drill into the card itself? --------------Solutions------------- Switched to springpad since this doesn't appear to be a Trello feature.

  • How do I set up branching workflows in trello?February 28

    I'm using Trello to manage our recruiting process. One card per candidate works like a charm to track the pipeline from prospects to initial outreach to interviews to offers to on-boarding. However, I'd love to have 'branches' off of this workflow to

  • Stack lists under each other with cardsJanuary 25

    Is there a way you can stack lists under each other with their own lists in a column rather than run every list accoss the page? --------------Solutions------------- Vertical Trello - Chrome Extension In case others come across this question in futur

  • How do I move a list to another board in Trello (now it's been implemented)?

    How do I move a list to another board in Trello (now it's been implemented)?January 15

    I see from a previous question that this feature has now been implemented. But although the provided link takes me to the Feature card in Trello development, I can't decipher (in plain English), what I'm supposed to do to get my list to move from one

  • How do I title/label lists?January 15

    I am new to Trello and not too technology-savvy so thank in advance for your help. How can I change the label or title of my lists? The three default lists are To Do/Doing/Done, but I would prefer to use the board in a different way, using each list

  • Is there a way to display check list items on the Trello board without specifically having to click on the card?January 4

    Just for specificity's sake, I have a checklist with 2 items in a card on a list on a board. When viewing the board, only the card's description is in view, but I'd like to see the individual items on the list. Is this a current feature and if not, i

  • Trello Default List Label(s)January 2

    In Trello, is there a way to set a default label for every card created in a list? --------------Solutions------------- There's no way to set a default label for cards created in a list. You might try the keyboard shortcuts to add them quickly, thoug

  • Creating a sublist inside a Trello listDecember 20

    Is it posible to make a sublist inside a Trello list? (It would be very useful.) --------------Solutions------------- No. A list is collection of vertically-arranged cards. They may represent a collection of ideas, things to remember, or different st

  • Selecting multiple Trello cards in order to move them to another listDecember 17

    How do I select multiple cards in Trello so that I can move them onto another list? I would like to pick, say 10 cards, that are located adjacently to each other and drag and drop them to another list. --------------Solutions------------- I was looki

  • What is the quickest way to add a trello card to the top of a list, rather than bottom?December 13

    What is the quickest way to add a new trello card to the top of a list? Clicking add to card on the bottom and dragging to the top seems a bit slow --------------Solutions------------- When you click to add a card, on the right side of the dialogue t

  • How can I export the cards from the Trello stack as a list?December 6

    How can I export the cards from the Trello stack as a list? Is it possible to export a simple list of just the cards, sorted by which column they are in and in the order they appear. So Backlog Date modified Card text Date modified Card text Date mod

  • Is there a function I can enable to have a Check List action item populate in multiple boards I select?November 14

    I have an "Active Projects" board that has about 60 lists each representing a company I manage. Each company has 1-5 cards representing projects we are working on. Each card has a "TO DO" checklist. I would like to have a "Quick L

  • Trello: Subscribe functionOctober 23

    Can one ensure that certain people subscribe to a particular card in Trello? If not, one has to add a FYI or a cc to a list of people in each message. --------------Solutions------------- There is no way to subscribe others to cards.

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