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  • How to access Micro USB External SD Card Reader in androidFebruary 8

    I have an external sd card reader, I can plug it into the micro usb connector and access data from sd card with a file explorer. I pluged the card reader on Nexus5 (6.0.1) and Asus tablet (4.1.2) The sd card is mount on /mnt/media_rw/THE_SERIAL_NUMBE

  • how to compile and load a kernel module?February 2

    I want to compile a kernel module that is have makefile, .c file and .h file how i can compile it for arm cpus an how i can load this kernel module. --This is my makefile : KERNEL_DIR := /lib/modules/$(shell uname -r)/build KERNEL_DIR := /home/liujl/

  • How to Make USB Ethernet Driver For Android?January 30

    I recently bought a usb ethernet adapter. In the driver folder there are three files for android. makefile .h file .c file How can I compile it on my android device and use it as kernel usb module driver, I have searched the internet and have not fou

  • How to work with USB DFU bootloader without using VBUS and ID ilne for STM32F4xx?January 23

    I need your help as i am working on a MCU STM32f439ZI and IAR IDE 7.40,and working on a USB OTG boot loader downloaded from below link. "https://github.com/mechoid9/STM32F4/tree/master/STM32F4-Discovery_FW_V1.1.0/Project/FW_upgrade" i have teste

  • STM32 USB OTG HOST Library hangs trying to create file with FatFsJanuary 23

    I am using STM32F407 discovery board, and I am trying to create a file with FatFs on USB flash, but my f_open call trying to read boot sector for first time file system mount hangs on this function. DRESULT disk_read ( BYTE drv, /* Physical drive num

  • USB OTG flash drive on Nexus 5 with Android 6.0 targeted to API 23January 20

    I am developing a file manager with USB OTG flash drives support. My file manager works fine with USB OTG on devices with API < 23 (Marshmallow) and I am going to implement new Android 6.0 runtime permissions with a code below: @Override public void

  • USB OTG on Android 6.0 targeted to API 22 or below

    USB OTG on Android 6.0 targeted to API 22 or belowJanuary 18

    I am developing a file manager under Intellij IDEA 14.1.6 and I have to support USB OTG flash drives. My file manager works fine with USB OTG on devices with API < 23 (Marshmallow). I have seen multiple references with the statement (1, 2, 3): ...it

  • USB OTG in Device mode with TPS2500December 29

    I am interfacing USB 3.0 OTG with my host. I have used TPS2500 as LDO which has overcurrent protection. My doubt is whether it will work in Device mode?? In Host mode, 5V to the conn will be provided through TPS2500. But in device mode, will this be

  • can't boot fedora live medium on my strange tabletNovember 5

    I can get it booting and can see the filling splash. However, my usb drive is attached through the tablet's OTG port which needs DWC3_XHCI to be on, which most kernels don't. Can I re-compile the vmlinuz0 in /isolinux? Or where can I get a copy to ge

  • Wake up a machine connected via USB-OTGOctober 18

    [ If you know of a better place to ask this question, I'm all ears. ] I have a PC connected to a BananaPi via USB (the BananaPi is my router, so its Ethernet port is connected to my DSL modem). Both running Debian. I'm using the g_ether module on the

  • FTDI d2xx driver not reading bytes on Android to communicate with MDB board to Vending MachineSeptember 16

    When trying the D2xx driver from FTDI, there was no bytes being read by Android Device. Below are the codes: when opening a port to use (since only 1 port in android it is default to the first port in list of devices function from the UARTmanager). f

  • USB power in Parallel, increasing the maximum current using a Y splitter idea[POWER ONLY]

    USB power in Parallel, increasing the maximum current using a Y splitter idea[POWER ONLY]August 26

    When you connect batteries or power sources of the same voltage, in series, the voltage adds together. When in parallel the capacity of the two add together. Ive seen a few usb>sata cables in which there are two usb cables at one end. One for data+po

  • Interfacing cell phone to microcontroller August 4

    I have a microcontroller (ARM Cortex M3/4) that can interface with USART/SPI/I2C devices that I need to interface with an Android phone (Lollipop >=v4.2). My idea is to send data through USB from the phone and convert that to USART. The control for t

  • How to connect USB mini-b pins on a PCB?June 12

    I want to design a PCB which contains either PIC24FJ128GA010 or PIC24fj256gb110 (still haven't decided). Now the second contains a USB 2.0 on the go and the first one doesn't. I want to power the board through USB for prototyping purposes. Through so

  • STM32 VCP - Receive data from PCMay 9

    I am using STM32 HAL VCP firmware generated by CubeMX on STM32F4 discovery board. The Virtual COM Port works, I can transmit from the microcontroller to the PC as many messages I want. But in the other direction, from PC to microcontroller I can send

  • How to configure USB OTG as power supplyApril 20

    I have an ARM computer with an USB 2.0 OTG port, and I want to use it as 5V 100mA power supply (to drive a couple of leds). However, when I connect a load (LED+resistor) via an OTG cable, the power is not supplied constantly. The LED blinks shortly 4

  • Pin of micro USB connector in Smartphone

    Pin of micro USB connector in SmartphoneApril 8

    The image below shows a Micro USB connector in a smartphone. I understand what the first 5 pins of the USB are i.e. USB_DM, USB_DP, USB_ID , VBUS and GND. The pin S1 is connected to VBAT (battery voltage pin) through a load switch. Can anyone explain

  • Mount BTRFS on Android (usb OTG)April 4

    I am using btrFS as a filesystem for my external harddrive. I'd like to use it under Android. Is there any painless way to do so?

  • Are Micro A USB plugs actually ever used?

    Are Micro A USB plugs actually ever used?April 1

    Wikipedia states: An OTG product must have a single Micro-AB receptacle and no other USB receptacles. An OTG cable has a micro-A plug on one end, and a Micro-B plug on the other end Micro-A is apparently similar to the standard Micro-B plug, but with

  • usbOTG can I invert the D+ and D- diff pair? January 17

    This question already has an answer here: In a USB cable, is it OK to swap the D+ and D- wires? 2 answers Can I invert the D+ and D- in a USB OTG connection?, would it work? I know that in some protocols like PCIe you can do it, but Im not sure about

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