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  • How to get FeatureClass or FeatureLayer from FeatureClassID?November 9

    I did a network analysis with ITraceFlowSolverGEN and the method FindFlowElements(). Then I did a queryId's with INetElements which returns the FeatureClassId and OID. Now I want to get the FeatureClass Or FeatureLayer or anything that I can get the

  • Using ModelBuilder to analyze pole inspection data?

    Using ModelBuilder to analyze pole inspection data?September 10

    I work for an electric company and am looking to do some analyzing on some pole (point) inspection data. I have some lines that are part of a geometric network and some points that are not part of the geometric network. I included a picture to help d

  • Wireline internet (cable, dsl) availability data sourceSeptember 2

    I'm looking for data on spatial availability of cable, dsl, etc. internet service in Washington State, USA. Mainly interested in the big telco providers Comcast, ATT, etc.

  • Calculate upstream path

    Calculate upstream pathJuly 23

    I have a river geometric network built that is fully operational with flow direction working. In ArcMAP when I trace upstream I get a selected feature that I can convert into a feature class (Data > Export > Selected Features). How do I do this in a

  • Pipeline and electric power grid data for Southern California?July 18

    Does anyone know where I can find GIS shapefile or other data for the electric transmission line system as well as water/natural gas and other pipeline systems for Southern California? Notably San Diego county?

  • Geometric Network for Electric UtilitiesDecember 11

    I'm not expert in the use of geometric networks nor in Python scripting and I need help with the following problem. I'm using ArcGIS 10.0. I have defined a geometric network for an electric distribution network in medium and low voltage, with an own

  • Find connected features by type in utility network?

    Find connected features by type in utility network?November 5

    I have a storm drain geodatabase with digitized direction flow. I am trying to find catch basins (upstream) that drain to other catchbasins (downstream) as opposed to a junction structure or an outlet. The purpose is to be able to add trash collectio

  • Utility Network analyst - C#September 3

    This is related to Utility Network Analyst tool. I would like to build a button to accomplish the following: A Utility Network Analyst solve-function for downstream with flagging. Ofcourse, the user will set the flag and select the downstream options

  • Utility Network AnalystSeptember 1

    I want to write C# code for utility network analyst (downstream trace task). My code is: IUtilityNetworkAnalysisExt m_utilNetExt = new UtilityNetworkAnalysisExtClass(); ITraceFlowSolverGEN tfs = (ITraceFlowSolverGEN)new TraceFlowSolverClass(); IGeome

  • Where can I find a shapefile of the UK electricity grid network?August 21

    Does anyone know where can I download a shapefile with the UK electricity grid network? --------------Solutions------------- National Grid Transmission Network Shapefiles Available data: Over Head line Tower Substation Site Gas Site Gas Pipe Cable Sh

  • Looking for examples on how GIS techniques facilitate utility surveying and managementMarch 30

    Anyone get some ideas about the interface between underground utility and GIS? Utility surveying is quite a new topic to me and I want some examples on how GIS techniques facilitate utility surveying and management. Thx.

  • Assign Sink ID to upstream features in a geometric networkOctober 25

    Looking for a way to automatically assign an 8-character Sink ID to every upstream feature in a geometric network. There are over 500 sinks and about 5000 points and lines upstream from those sinks. Would be great to click on any point or line and se

  • Offseting lines with same symbology in ArcGIS Desktop? August 31

    This question already has an answer here: Cartographic techniques for symbolizing routing data 3 answers I'm working in ArcMap 10 and have been tossed an electrical system map drawn in CAD to recreate in ArcMap. In several sections, different line nu

  • Analyzing Flow direction in Geometric Networks in ArcGIS

    Analyzing Flow direction in Geometric Networks in ArcGISMay 25

    I have a task in ArcGIS which involves using Geometric Network and right now I am experimenting with Set Flow direction function from Utility Network Analyst toolbar in ArcMap. I've read section Flow direction in a geometric network from the help but

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