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  • Woocommerce disable order button on submitFebruary 1

    I'm trying to disable ("grey out") the 'Place Order' button once a user has clicked. I can get the button to disable with: onclick="this.disabled=true;this.form.submit(); This just reloads the checkout page. I'm simply trying to disable the

  • Before validation on nested modelJanuary 9

    I have a nested model items and I am trying to multiply two columns together cost and quantity to set the last column price. I need to set the column price before the form is saved and i need to also validate the model. The before_validation call bac

  • Adding hook when post is submitted December 18

    I have a custom taxonomy, "position", with multiple terms for a custom post type, "employee" in the admin. I want to validate the form to require a position to be selected when you save/update a post. How do I validate and make the pos

  • Looking for a company that does address validation based around GIS geocoding September 15

    My company is looking to find a new service that can host our GIS parcel data, offer validation when addresses are entered from our site, and return owner name in addition to custom location data. Does anyone know of what companies offer this? I assu

  • Should I throw an exception in case of a meaningful value outside of the range or handle it myself?May 25

    I have written a struct that represents latitude/longitude coordinates. Their values range from -180 to 180 for longtitudes and 90 to -90 for lattitudes. If a user of that struct gives me a value outside of that range, I have 2 options: Throw an exce

  • Field Validation Rule for LocationMarch 23

    How to Lock Location Field on a Custom Object Country. The requirements are to be able to create NEW LOCATION field or Populate the Location if it's NULL upon creation the FORM. But wouldn't be able to Modify the Location field after it's ADDED or Po

  • MVC5 - Checking for overlap between 2 Date (Textboxes) used to search against Date FieldFebruary 22

    I am currently looking into creating some search options to filter down my model results. I have a RunDate field which I want to search between using 2 textbox fields. @Html.TextBox("StartDate", null, new { @class = "datefield form-control&

  • Number Field - Limit Four Characters - Validation RulesFebruary 17

    I'm having trouble enforcing a minimum character requirement on a Salesforce number field (using Validation Rules). I can get the limitation to work on a text field using: AND( ISBLANK(NumberField__c), LEN(NumberField__c) <> 4 ) But (expected) on a

  • Handling delay in entry of OTP for log in validationFebruary 17

    There's an application, which accepts a user id and password to login. Validation of the id and password is processed by another system. Now after password validation, the application generates a One Time Passcode (OTP) and sends it as an SMS or emai

  • ruby rails model url validationFebruary 17

    After a bunch of research and trying different gems I ended up rolling with the following: validates :url, presence: true, length: { maximum: 245 }, format: { with: URI.regexp(%w(http https)), message: :bad_url_format } This correctly validates the h

  • File presence check for an automated workflowFebruary 17

    I am working on a script for an automated workflow. It expects a CSV and a disk image to be present in the directory that is supplied as args.input. I want to check for and handle every possible scenario: no CSV, no disk image, too many CSVs, too man

  • Javascript form validation not working on a particular textboxFebruary 17

    I am working on this asp.net application and I have this form that has seven TextBox fields which the user can fill up and submit. Out of those seven fields, I am only successful at validating six of them. (tbxComments does not need to be filled up)

  • Custom Validity Input HTML5 using JSFebruary 17

    Hello I have this problem in validate. This is my input and I need manually make it validated or not validated. <input placeholder="Captcha" id="check" name="captcha" class="span4 checkinput" type="text"

  • laravel 5 ckeditor implementation server side validationFebruary 17

    I apologize if a question like this has already been asked. I couldn't find one. So basically, I am using ckeditor(the basic version) and laravel 5.1. I had no problem implementing it, I am just ultra paranoid about validating the information server

  • How to validate relationship has-one data field in laravelFebruary 17

    on $order I have defined a relations has_one - offer .In offer table I have offer amount which I would like validator to validate as numeric. But if I specify in Order Model $rule array , It doesn't recognize it at all. Can someone share how validate

  • validate email address with PythonFebruary 17

    I'm trying to validate emails using validate_email 1.3 : Python Package Index, like this: from validate_email import validate_email is_valid = validate_email([email protected]',check_mx=True) How can I speed this up? My for loop isn't very effecti

  • Dynamic form generation, validation and post-validation proceduresFebruary 17

    I'm working on a project for an administrative office. One of the main objectives of the project, is to assist a user in filling legal forms (that are currently on paper). We have studied all of these legal form and "ways" (or "paths")

  • Php Timestamp ValidationFebruary 17

    I Have Some Date time String(time stamp) Like Below 2013-03-28 12:12:32 2014-06-28 21:42:12 2015-12-28 07:23:45 2016-02-28 01:19:00 All Of Them Are Valid. But 2011-02-30 25:12:12 this is Not a valid time stamp. I want check time stamp is valid. So My

  • My form is not repopulated when validation failsFebruary 17

    I have a simple page with a firstName field and a lastName field both of which are required. When I only enter one field I get the correct error message but I lose the value I have entered. I do have getters and setters for the fields and the page us

  • How best can I indicate conditionally required fields?

    How best can I indicate conditionally required fields?February 17

    I often work on pages containing forms with complex requirements and subforms. The example below has these attributes: The default button -- that is, the button that will be "clicked" when the user hits Enter -- is indicated by white text / dark

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