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  • Hardware raid, LVM and KVM cache policyFebruary 5

    I have a question about right cache policy for KVM using LVM and hardware raid-controller. So from the bottom: 1. We have LSI RAID controller 9260, 512Mb cache and BBU. Later we also will have CacheCade(SSD Drive as a cache) license and will use SSD.

  • Communication with Windows Guest OS run in QemuJanuary 8

    Using a headless Ubuntu 14.04 server, I'm running a Windows 7 guest in Qemu to which I am passing through the GPU (for performance). I am writing an application for which part will be running in Linux, and part will be running in the Windows guest, a

  • How to handle (with LVM or DM (device mapper)) when a drive has gone away and come back as a new block deviceDecember 30

    (This correct answer is to one that bears little surface resemblance to this one. Asking the question and answering it myself with reference to that one.) Consider a virtual host environment in which a VM has been assigned 3 separate virtio drives, a

  • Get link speed of an virtio-net network adapterNovember 25

    I have an linux vm running on kvm with virtio-net, and I want to check the link speed. How can I do that? What I tried so far: # ethtool eth0 Settings for eth0: Link detected: yes It seems that ethtool does not support virtio-net(yet?) I have the ver

  • How to switch in ws2012 from an IDE disk to a Virtio disk?October 21

    I am running Windows server 2012 in a virtual machine under Debian Jessie. I tried to follow the Red Hat tutorial in order to switch on the Virtio drivers: 1) I downloaded from Debian the virtio drivers; the current version of the virtio-win.iso is 0

  • virtio-kmod in /usr/ports is not compatible; what can I do?July 6

    I tried to install virtio-kmod in a FreeBSD guest. make in /usr/ports/emulators/virtio-kmod gives virtio-kmod--0.250249 not supported ${OSREL} (10.1). The ports-tree is up to date. Is that a bug or did I miss something? --------------Solutions-------

  • Install windows 2012 R2 over KVM-virtualizaton

    Install windows 2012 R2 over KVM-virtualizatonJuly 6

    I'm trying to install Windows Server 2012 R2 over linux KVM-virtualization. The installation process stops and requires drivers to continue. I'm trying with virtio drivers from fedora but doesn't work. Installation process doesn't show a storage devi

  • kvm/qemu host windows guest BSOD about driver_irql_not_less_or_equal for viostore.sysJune 28

    I have a KVM/Qemu host running 4 Windows Server 2012 guests and after upgrading the host from Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04 I get blue screens with a bug check string of "driver_irql_not_less_or_equal" that is caused by driver "viostore.sys".

  • How to migrate from ide to virtio in RHEL 6.5 KVM guest with LVMsMay 6

    I want to migrate a IDE-using, LVM-based KVM guest running RHEL 6.5. I found this steps in this page: 1) Run virsh edit . From there, edit the config file and adjust all lines of <target dev='hda' bus='ide'/> so they look like this <target dev='v

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 doesn't find virtio drivers when installing on KVMMarch 25

    I'm trying to install Windows Server 2012 R2 on a Debian KVM host, but it does not seem to find the drivers. The guest has two drives attached: an install disk and the latest Windows virtio drivers ISO (from here). I succesfully installed other opera

  • How to change the disk interface type for my Windows 8.1 guest on KVMMarch 1

    I recently setup a Windows 8.1 VM with KVM and virt-manager. I initially set the disk interface to be IDE, but I'd like to change it to virtio. However, if I just change the interface in the configuration, I have to boot into Startup Repair, which is

  • KVM Aggregate Throughput Limited at 1Gb - Virtio Queues Limiting Factor?February 17

    I have a KVM host with three NICs and can't get traffic between guests (in same subnet) above 1gbps aggregate. Is this by design and the only way to achieve >1gbps to use multiqueue support? So far, I've tried all combinations of bonding/macvtap/VLAN

  • Installing VirtIO drivers on Win7February 3

    Context: I am attempting to convince a 64bit Win7 VirtualBox image to run under OpenStack, and Windows isn't my usual platform. Installing the Virtio drivers hasn't been going well. Thus far, what has gotten closest to working is running pnputil -a f

  • windows 7 as kvm guest installation with virtio drivers - detected virtio scsi disk shows wrong capacity

    windows 7 as kvm guest installation with virtio drivers - detected virtio scsi disk shows wrong capacitySeptember 25

    I am trying to install windows 7 64bit as a kvm guest. I read here that I should install the virtio scsi driver during installation. I use virt-install to start my installation from the command line virt-install --connect qemu:///system \ --name win7

  • Poor network performance with KVM (virtio drivers) - Update: with vhost_netAugust 13

    I've set up several KVM based networks before, and never encountered this issue, can't for the life of me think what I'd have set up differently previously. Setup Basically, Ive got and entirely Dell Stack: 2x Dell N2024's (stacked gigabit switches)

  • Ubuntu 14.04 KVM Host - Only network device pcnet workingAugust 1

    I've installed a KVM host on Ubuntu 14.04. I've added a networking bridge as br0 and also added the p4p1 network adapter to it. My problem is now that only the "pcnet" networking guest driver is working well. All the others "e1000", &q

  • Can I have virtio-win package on CentOS?April 7

    In "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. Virtualization Host Configuration and Guest Installation Guide" in chapter 10.1 "Installing the KVM Windows para-virtualized drivers" it says: The virtio-win package contains the para-virtualized block a

  • Migrate CentOS VM using LVM on IDE to run with VirtIOMarch 31

    I'm trying to migrate existing IDE-using, LVM-based CentOS 5.2 VMs to use virtio. The symptom is a kernel panic upon boot when the system can't find any volume groups. Does anyone know how to make this work? I created a vm install that didn't use LVM

  • Why is there a socket interface on the host and a character device interface on the guest for virtio-serial?January 31

    I am trying to establish a communication channel between the host and one of its guest virtual machine using kvm as a hypervisor. For this, I am using virtio-serial. To create the virtual machine, I issued the following command: qemu-system-x86_64 \

  • KVM Win 7 Pro + RH virtio net driverJanuary 4

    Host: Debian 7.2 x64. Guest Win 7 Pro 32-bit. Virtio disk drivers work flawlessly, but there's a problem with virtio net (netkvm something) drivers. Virtio drivers come from virtio-win-0.1-74.iso. This network card works perfectly in win7 guest: <int

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