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  • spring security, how to expire all sessions of a userFebruary 8

    I have to solve the following scenario, in a Spring Security 3.2.5-RELEASE with Spring Core 4.1.2-RELEASE application running Java 1.7 on wildfly 8.1. user 'bob' logs in and Admin deletes 'bob' if 'bob' logs out, he can't log in. again but he`s curre

  • use WeakHashMap in a method or not?February 7

    I have a @Scheduled method that is called each 5 minutes. The batch does a lot of calculation, it takes about 2-15 minutes to complete (there is a flag that prevents a batch to run if one is already running). I use lot of Maps to cache the results of

  • Why WeakHashMap holds strong reference to value after GC?January 19

    Key object in WeakHashMap became weakly reachable. And map should be remove the entry after GC. But a strong reference to the value object remains. Why? The same behavior is observed with guava weakkeys map. Expected output: ... refKey.get = null ref

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