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  • I have installed tomcat 7 in my ubuntu Deploying in web-apps Not working

    I have installed tomcat 7 in my ubuntu Deploying in web-apps Not workingDecember 25

    I have installed tomcat 7 in ubuntu I'm able to access the tomcat home page. Then I try to deploy one war file into webapps(Webapp manager->Browse and deploy. After deploying The running status is false. Any Help Thankful to them................. The

  • Web Scraping with DjangoFebruary 4

    I'm learning python and i would like to develop webapps after a small research i found that Django is all i need to develop a webapp or website using python. My idea is to develop a website that scrapes data from some sites say wikipedia based on use

  • How to create web applications like what's up and fb messenger?January 31

    i am very much interested in web applications like what's up and FB messenger. and i want to create one.how to do this? can any one tell me how does that what'up and FB messenger web applications are build? and is there any way to create our own? tha

  • Shema missing com.canonical.unity.webappsJanuary 26

    My unity tweak tool (ubuntu 15.10) stopped working after the last autoremove. Other articles suggest to run sudo apt-get install unity-webapps-service or sudo apt-get install unity-webapps-common. When trying to install it I'm getting an error messag

  • How do I upload an app to a phone and web hostJanuary 24

    I've made an app using quickly & using GDebi. I've been able to run it on my local machine.I would now like to transfer this app to my phone and also upload it to a web host but cannot find any good guide lines to do this. Can someone please help me

  • How do I setup apache to only allow local devices to connect to my website/app?December 25

    Hey guys I'm really new to this please forgive me if I butcher all the terminology. I've managed to get a lamp-server running for my small business and have created a small webapp that runs on the server. How do configure apache to only allow other d

  • Can I run Android, Mac or Windows apps on Ubuntu Phone?December 20

    My situation is quite special, I like to buy an Ubuntu Phone for more safety and for having an open source OS. But I'm deaf and I need a special app for being able to telephone with a sign-language translator. However those apps are only built for An

  • Why does "apt-get autoremove" removes packages that are still used by programms?November 27

    I mostly install my software via apt-get. From time to time apt-get tells me to use autoremove to install "unused packages". But it removes for example webapps-common which is used by the ubuntu browser, the weppapps and unity-tweak tool. Why do

  • Is there a simple way to add an url as launcher on Ubuntu Touch?November 16

    Right now, if one wants to gain quick access to a webpage on Ubuntu Touch devices, the best way is to create a simple webapp, using Ubuntu SDK or w/e. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to add an url as a shortcut in the launcher or the app menu

  • Web IDE that has a Linux compiler?October 15

    Is there a web IDE that has a Linux compiler (virtual Linux compiler) with Python support? I've created a Python application that uses GTK and Linux modules such as os.system and gtk. I need to access it on non-Linux systems. When trying normal web I

  • Converting website into Ubuntu webappOctober 14

    I have to converted my website into an Ubuntu webapp. I converted using SDK. Now, how to run it without publishing and without SDK on other PC?

  • Empty whoami in subshellOctober 11

    I have a webapp (nginx, gunicorn, python) that receives git post hooks and triggers a command line tool (ruby, capistrano). Everything is run via a user named deployer. The command line tool runs very well and can connect via ssh to remote servers. W

  • Here Maps on Ubuntu touch only displays a blank screenOctober 2

    After using "Here Maps" on Ubuntu touch for a while, the app started to have a problem starting. Instead of showing me the user interface, I was presented with nothing but a white screen and a loading bar on top, that after hitting the edge of t

  • How to get calendar notifications using Microsoft Office 365 webapp?September 28

    My company recently made a switch to using Microsoft Office 365. As I am one of the Ubuntu users, I am trying to setup a workflow with its calendar. I want: get reminder notifications for upcoming meetings get push notifications for planned meetings,

  • What steps are needed to start angular.js in ubuntu?September 28

    I am a newbie in webapp development and Ibuntu. I tried to use yeoman to start angularjs. After I follow 3 step to use yeoman to start angular in this web: http://yeoman.io/codelab/review-generated-files.html , I don't understand the step 4. What sho

  • Websites turn white in Ubuntu phone browser and webappsSeptember 28

    I often experience that websites turn completely blank when using the browser or webapps on my Ubuntu phone. Sometimes it helps to restart the app but not always. Does someone know what is causing this? Any Ideas for fixes? Thank you! --------------S

  • Don't understand how to use sudo chownSeptember 25

    I tried to install Angular.js in ubuntu, but I get stuck because I cannot run 'yo angular' because this file is locked and I am not the owner. After I looking for how to solve this problem, I found in this website that I must try this command: Sudo c

  • Web Apps - low quality iconsSeptember 11

    I use Chromium to create web apps - "File - Create Application Shortcut" and it all works great, however the icons of these web apps are awful, super low quality. I changed the icons by right-click the Desktop shortcut, properties, click icon, a

  • Why cant I install brightness-controllerSeptember 8

    I have been having problems with adjusting the brightness.....it is at max (when I look at it, it is at max in the settings. By the way, I cant control it at all with the keyboard combination.) I have decided to install this app, but it just wont wor

  • How can I open an URL with webapp-container on Ubuntu Touch?September 7

    I want to access a website using webapp-container on my Ubuntu phone. I've already attempted the answers to this question. But the screen only flashes a little and I get the text below in the terminal app: [email protected]:~$ webapp-container h

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