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  • Random SSH connection timeout on first try to CentOS serversApril 23

    Have got a curious issue with SSH on CentOS 6 and haven't found a solution yet. We have our CentOS 6 servers all joined to an Active Directory 2012 R2 domain using Winbind. It is not used for filesharing, but single sign-on and group access. Most of

  • Linux Authentication Flow (NSS - PAM - AD)September 24

    I am a new system administrator at an organization looking to understand the process flow of authentication in regards to how NSS, PAM and WINBIND work together. We've been having winbind related problems, and I'd like to try and improve our configur

  • Active Directory UID Mapping to Specific Unix UIDsJuly 14

    I need a bit of help here. I'm a junior systems admin who's sort of been thrown into the deep end with everything! I really don't understand the translation of Active Directory UIDs Mapping to Unix UIDs. When a person logs in with their AD credential

  • How to disabled login for domain user in CentOS 6January 27

    I have all my CentOS 6 machines joined with samba and winbind to a windows domain (2008) and all users that I need to access those machines are in a certain AD group called "engineering". I also have a Service account called LinuxSA which is use

  • Samba "force user" issue with AD IntegrationDecember 21

    I'm trying to connect from a windows client to a samba share on linux. The linux server could be successfully joined to AD. Authentication with "valid users = @DOMAIN\windowsgroup" also works perfectly. But there's a issue with the "force u

  • linux - windows ad authentication - why join domain?December 17

    When using Windows AD to authenticate users on Linux servers is there an advantage to using Winbind and "Joining the Domain" over just authenticating via Kerberos and looking up UID,GID, home dir, etc in LDAP? --------------Solutions------------

  • Winbind forgets who I amDecember 16

    On one of our Ubuntu 14.04 servers, running Winbind 4.1.6+dfsg-1ubuntu2.14.04.9, Winbind periodically forgets who I am, resulting in strange errors like ssh aborting with an "unknown uid" error whenever I try to run it. Whenever the system is in

  • Output from "wbinfo --user-groups USER" and "wbinfo --group-info GROUP" do not matchDecember 9

    I am using Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.7 with winbindd/smbd version 3.6.23-20.0.1.el6. I created some new AD groups and added existing users. I used this command: wbinfo --group-info <GROUP> My username is correctly listed. However, wh

  • Samba doesn't seem to stay joined to Active Directory domain November 25

    I can initially join a linux box to the domain with these commands: sudo kinit [email protected] sudo net ads join -k After a few hours or the next day, this happens: [email protected]:~$ sudo wbinfo -a administrator Enter adm

  • How can I use winbind to return a filter-id based on group membership?October 27

    I have a couple of FreeRadius 3.0.9 servers which were just put into production on our Meraki network. We want to use user group membership in Active Directory to determine policy to be carried out by Meraki. There are certain user groups that we car

  • Apache NTLM not authenicating domain username/password.October 23

    I have a centos box and I am trying to setup NTLM authenication for apache. I have the linux box on the AD domain already and able to get user and group info using the wbinfo command. I have the ntlm.conf httpd configuration setup as follows <Directo

  • Winbind / AD - changed user account issueOctober 20

    So here's an odd one. We've had a user for years who happens to have a user id by local convention that matches a system account. So of course, I changed the users user ID in AD to avoid issues and security problems. However, having done so, some sys

  • Winbind increase idmap rangeOctober 15

    i have a computing cluster running and use likewise for connecting all machines to the AD. I want to add new machines using ldapsam. My issue is, that it seems to only offer idmap ranges from "idmap alloc config:range = 50000-500000 ". For compa

  • Removing a "semi joined" Ubuntu workstation from an Active Directory domainOctober 14

    I am joining an Ubuntu workstation to an MS AD. I had 1 or 2 config issues when I first tried to run net ads join which resulted in an error message and the workstation not being added correctly I assume (I can see the machine in the AD though). Erro

  • Facing issue while integrating RHEL 6.5 with windows ADSeptember 9

    I was integrating my RHEL linux servers with AD. For some servers the integration was completed successfully. For one server I am facing issue,whenever I try to join its showing below error, **[[email protected]]# net ads join -W CA -U VathithrajT Enter

  • Cross domain - AD group membership changes not reflected in winbindJune 24

    I have similar cases on this thread at AD group membership changes not reflected in winbind information. The only difference is that this only occurs on "cross domain" for my scenario. Here is my configuration - http://pastebin.ca/3035431 ... I

  • Create and Manage Windows NFS Shares for Linux Clients with AD AuthenticationMay 8

    I have a Windows file server that I would like to create NFS shares on. These shares need to be accessible by both Windows 7 domain clients and Linux clients (Red Hat 5 & 6) using Samba/Winbind Active Directory authentication. It's my understanding t

  • 'realm join --client-software sssd' on centos-7 joins two realms (one with sssd and one with winbind)March 27

    On clean installed centos-7 host: realm join -U foo --client-software sssd AD.EXAMPLE.COM After running realm list output looks initially like this: AD.EXAMPLE.COM type: kerberos realm-name: AD.EXAMPLE.COM domain-name: ad.example.com configured: kerb

  • Ubuntu 14.04 Active Directory auth fails after static ip configFebruary 21

    I'm having 6 Ubuntu 14.04 servers that are joined to active directory (2003 domain functional level 2008r2 schema) All of the servers work's fine when network interface is configured to use DHCP. But the networks these servers will be located on when

  • Fedora 21 as an AD member suddenly stopped workingJanuary 13

    I had my Fedora 21 workstation connected to my AD domain and working for about a month and all was well and then I came in one morning and couldn't login. My initial response was blaming Win2013 and AD but after a little digging in the event viewer I

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