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  • SBS 2008 - RRAS/VPN stops working every 24 hours resulting in server rebootJune 25

    I am running SBS 2008 hosted on Citrix XenServer 6.5 SP1 w/ all hotfixes installed. The SBS server has the latest XenTools installed and all Windows Updates. SBS is setup to act as a VPN server using the built-in RRAS (Remote Routing Access Server).

  • Is it possible to access Apache virtual hosts over a local network without editing client computers hosts files?January 26

    I have several websites set up on my local XAMPP, and have recently setup virtual hosts so that they can be accessed from my machine using dev.website1.com, dev.website2.com etc. To achieve this I had to edit my hosts file C:\Windows\System32\drivers

  • SBS 2008 to Exchange 2016January 14

    I'm getting ready to upgrade my SBS 2008 box to two Windows Server 2012 R2 VMs. I plan on installing Exchange 2016 on one VM and the DC/file server/update services/a few custom services on the other VM. I'm not sure the best upgrade path, however. I

  • Routing inernal networkOctober 6

    I know this is not the ideal or close to ideal network setup, but I have just setup a SBS 2008 server on a KVM/VPS and have encountered a networking issue. I know that the i will lose server feature functionality by not setting up the server the way

  • Connecting to remote workplace on SBS 2008 from outside networkJuly 18

    I am trying to configure remote access as we have two employees who will be starting with us from a remote location and we would like them to have access to our shared folders etc on the Small Business Server I have configured internet connection and

  • 2 servers and only one way trafficJuly 8

    This has me stumped... I've got an old war horse SBS 2003 server and a server that is a few months old running Server 2008 R2 (Don't ask me why they put 2008 on it when it's so new...). The 2003 server is the domain controller and is being replaced s

  • SBS Server Scheduled task, corrupt fileMay 13

    I have a Windows small business server (version 2011), and I have defined a scheduled task to send an email at 5pm every day, the email has a file attached as part of the task (an Excel file). The file is used every day without any problem but the ve

  • How to configure a user account with unknown password from an admin account on Windows 7?April 15

    I have to administrate a Windows 7 computer for which I have an Admin account. The computer is in a Domain (if this is important). Now I need to configure an user account on this computer (also a domain account), so put shortcuts on the desktop etc.

  • WIndows SBS 2011 Standard - Connect Windows 8.1 MachinesApril 10

    I manage a Windows SBS 2011 Standard Server. Recently had to connect 3 Windows 8.1 machines....but I am not having any luck. I have followed everything I have read online. The updates are completely up-to-date on both the server and the machines. Reb

  • SPSearch - Unexpected error querying for the IVssWriterCallback interface - 0x80070005March 11

    Everytime we run a backup on our SBS 2008 server, all VSS writers but one complete successfully. The one that fails is as follows: Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error querying for the IVssWriterCallback interface. hr = 0x80070005. This

  • Self signed certificate, https and vpnFebruary 18

    I have access to an SBS 2011 server that has a self signed certificate. In my computer (win 7 pro) that is outside the domain, I have imported the root certificate and the leaf certificate into windows certmgr, the leaf certificate I got from Firefox

  • Getting Double Logon Prompts in Remote Web Access on SBS 2011October 16

    Since a month or so ago our users began getting prompted to logon twice (basic authentication dialog after forms authentication prompt) when logging into the Remote Web Access on our Small Business Server 2011. They can login and everything works, bu

  • Problems will Dell Poweredge 2900September 14

    My buddy is an IT professional who ended up with an extra PowerEdge 2900 server with a valid key for SBS 2003. He gifted it to me in return since he knew I wanted a personal home media server. I got 4 2TBseagate sata hdd, 2 enterprise and 2 standard

  • How configure 2 Lan cards in Windows 7/8 pc one to connect to Internet and other to Local NetworkAugust 18

    I am about to install a dedicated VOIP server in our office. It is a 3CX pbx system on Windows 7/8 machine. The environment currently is a Windows SBS 2011 with 8 client machines. I want to use a dedicated broadband connection for the PBX (3CX) box,

  • How can I connect to any windows machine of a network manage by Windows Small Bussiness?July 12

    I have to provide helpdesk support for a group of Windows machines that are in a network managed by a Windows Small Business Server (SBS). I would like to do many tasks using remote desktop. Is it possible to configure the server (using native Micros

  • NAS requirements for incremental backups on windows SBS 2011July 2

    I would like to do incremental backups using windows-backup on a NAS with sbs 2011, I googled and found that iSCSI is required, is this the only thing the nas must support to be able to do incremental backups? I was thinking about Synology Diskstatio

  • Can we install Microsoft Office on a Windows server for simultaneous multi-user access?June 17

    Is it possible to install Microsoft Office on a Windows server and using it simultaneously by several users connected by remote desktop connection? This link states that it would not be legal because a single-user license would be used by multiple us

  • Snapshot SBS or Single DC server environmentsJune 6

    I can't seem to find a clear answer on this. Is it safe or not safe to snapshot (or in my case checkpoint under HV 2012) an SBS or single DC server environment? I took over an account and am behind on patches by about a year and would LOVE to be able

  • SBS 2008 coexist with Server Standard for Remote Desktop ServicesApril 14

    I need to provide secure remote desktop access to multiple users in a small business. I believe they currently are running SBS 2008 (identifies as Windows Server Standard FE). My understanding is that Remote Desktop Services cannot be installed on an

  • What is Server 2012 Essentials and how is it different from Server 2012?March 4

    In response to the recent trend of asking about features in Windows Server Essentials 2012/R2, as if they were part of the "normal" Server 2012/R2 editions (Standard or Datacenter), It seems like we could all benefit from a question about Window

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