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  • Wocommerce Version 2.5.2 issue with product image on detail pageMay 21

    I am facing an issue after update to Woocommerce new version.. Just with one thing as My product detail page thumbnails are not showing. But shown perfectly on category pages and elsewhere. What should I do now please give me any possible solution wi

  • Woocommerce Cart and Minicart add total saveMarch 18

    I want to add field near subtotal that total saving dependent on $product->regular_price - $product->sale_price is equal to $discount then total of all the $discount will show up near the subtotal i tried few things but i have no academic knowledge

  • Translating add to cart woocommerce buttonMarch 17

    I am trying to translate add to cart button. I have 2 code snippets from woocommerce documentation here are they: FOR SINGLE PRODUCT - THIS ONE WORKS add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_single_add_to_cart_text', 'woo_custom_cart_button_text' ); // 2.1 +

  • Edit BODY TITLES of processing order email woocommerceFebruary 1

    In the customer processing order email, I want to EDIT 'Our Bank Details' title and 'Customer Details' title. I have already changed the header title in order-details-customer.php and it is correctly reflected on thank you page but NOT IN PROCESSING

  • Woocommerce disable order button on submitFebruary 1

    I'm trying to disable ("grey out") the 'Place Order' button once a user has clicked. I can get the button to disable with: onclick="this.disabled=true;this.form.submit(); This just reloads the checkout page. I'm simply trying to disable the

  • Change Out of Stock Error Message in WooCommerce Cart

    Change Out of Stock Error Message in WooCommerce CartFebruary 1

    I manage product inventory by manually entering the stock. When I have 2 in stock, but a guest adds 3 to their cart, WooCommerce shows the following error message: I have located the code for this error message in the following file: woocommerce/incl

  • Woocommerce get_cart_total shows subtotal instead of total + taxDecember 19

    I'm having headaches with this one. I have a shop based on Woocommerce, with a wholesale listing, problem is that I'm having trouble getting the value of the cart total since I have the prices without tax included, so Woo has to do the math for price

  • Woocommerce - Show random product thumbnail from specific product categoryNovember 20

    I am trying to show random product thumbnails from a specific category. I have this code at the moment but it is not working and will show from all products, how to randomize from a specific product category? <?php $args = array( 'posts_per_page' =>

  • Wordpress custom plugin that uses woocommerce enabled payment gateway for paymentSeptember 18

    I have a certain special product that I do not want to be listed with other products, nor be added to the cart. I want that specific product to have a fixed customized page where the user can pay for it immediately using any of the gateways of woocom

  • Woocommerce get the Archive/Category slug of the current category pageJuly 18

    I want to get the slug of the current archive page. I have a slider where I want to echo the products that are in this category. After hours this is all I have and it doesn't work... <?php if ( is_single() ) { $cats = get_the_category(); $cat = $cats

  • Query array of product IDsMay 14

    I'm trying to create a basic messaging system where I can create a message within a CPT called 'messages' and then link it to a particular product in woocommerce using ACF Relationship field. The purpose is so I can then release announcements in the

  • how to add jigoshop delivery time like function into woocommerce plugin?May 13

    i want to add delivery time functionality into woocommerce plugin same as in Jigoshop delivery times plugin. is it possible? if yes then how i will do?

  • Editing Header Titles of each details in woocommerce Order EmailMay 12

    I'm using flatsome theme, woocommerce plugin. On my thank you page I get the bank details, order details and customer details etc. but on customer order email, header TITLES of those details are different from those that are shown on the thank you pa

  • Only show products of current category in product archive. (Woocommerce)May 12

    In my product archive I need it to show the products only in the current category and then underneath I will list the child categories. I will be able to add the child categories easy enough but how do I change the query? My website will have a lot o

  • WooCommerce - Customer Order History PaginationMay 10

    I'm trying to implement pagination into WC's customer order history that can be seen on the "My Account" page using woo_pagination(). https://docs.woothemes.com/document/woo_pagination/ The template file I'm trying to edit is - woocommerce/templ

  • Is possible on wp to create automatic user after someone make an orderMay 10

    I have a wp site and i use just this checkout fields First name : Last Name: Email : Number: Adress : Other Information: And i want to creat automatic user after someone make an order, is this possible ?

  • How to find the hook(s) that make site slowMay 9

    I am working on a site and it is working fine except one thing that it is very slow. I tried to figure out that which plugin or theme is creating the problem and find out that woocommerce-subscription plugin is culprit, but I am still don't know that

  • Is there any limit of product can store in woocommerce?

    Is there any limit of product can store in woocommerce?February 25

    I have 330000 products in excel sheet and i am importing this into wordpress woocommerce. I had already imported 138245 using custom php script, but if i will import more 50 record the product table is crashed and shows blank page. see: thanks.

  • Woocommerce: Show all products excluding what contains cartFebruary 17

    I'm trying to display all available products excluding what currently is in the cart. I have try to use some methods found over the internet but most of them use filters so I'm not able to exclude what contains cart. My example code to display all pr

  • Woocommerce how to add attribute name to product title nameFebruary 17

    I need the attribute values, in my case weights to be added on to the product name which is a variable product, for invoice purposes and a custom print out we had made. Can this be done so example would be My variation product name attributes 5kg and

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