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  • combine multiple DTDs into oneFebruary 16

    I have lots of external DTDs for different XML document types. All of the DTDs are very similar: include common DTD definitions and then 5-10 lines of the document type specific definitions which rely the common definitions. Though the specific defin

  • Set location for DTD files for XML validationFebruary 3

    I have a Java web application running on Tomcat. It receives XML responses from an external server. The XML files contain a reference to DTD files as follows- <!DOCTYPE WMCPS SYSTEM "WMCPS_QueryProfileReq.dtd"> I use StAX to parse the XML

  • Why does DTD validation fail when optional child element is omitted?February 3

    The XML document has embedded DTD declaration and it fails. Here is DTD: <!DOCTYPE movieList [ <!ELEMENT movieList (movie+)> <!ELEMENT movie (title+, rating+, runTime+, genreList*, dateReleased+, country+, review+, description+, director+)>

  • How to parse XML containing DTD in Java? I want to parse XML fileFebruary 2

    How can we parse xml having dtd. how to parse the below mentioned xml In This code i want parse xml file that contains dtd.so only because of dtd it is not parsing other xml files are working properly public static void main(String argv[]) { try { fi

  • How to validate XML document against DTD while having multiple levels?January 26

    I know how to validate XML document against DTD with single level but, How we can do it when data is nested (multiple level). The root is chapters and under root I have two main elements chapter1 and chapter2 and under each I have sub-elements. The n

  • Castor 0.9.7 Field property nillable for specific fieldJanuary 21

    My application is an oldest one. In that using castor 0.9.7 which using only DTD (mapping) file. In this mapping file have to add field property for specific field, but its not working. The below is my orginal code, this tag will not come in output x

  • Why this DTD is recursive?January 18

    I've been given the following DTD: <!ELEMENT book (title, author+, section+)> <!ELEMENT title (#PCDATA)> <!ELEMENT author (#PCDATA)> <!ELEMENT section (title, (p | figure | section)* )> <!ATTLIST section id ID #IMPLIED difficult

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