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  • XPrivacy - explanation of restriction settingsNovember 20

    Maybe it's me but I don't understand XPrivacy's per-permission-settings. The legend sais first check box: restrict category or function second check box: restrict on demand first check box is default value ■: stands for "partly restricted" ?: re

  • NANDroid on CM12.1, Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100November 20

    I would like to install XPrivacy on CM12.1 (Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100). For that I have to: Preferably do NANDroid backup Flash correct version of Xposed framework (xposed-v78-sdk22-arm.zip) Install Xposed app (XposedInstaller_3.0_alpha4.apk) The probl

  • Disabling the Google AppSeptember 25

    A while back, I disabled the Google App (com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox). IIRC, disabling the app caused some problems which I discovered over time. Unfortunately, all my notes on the topic were lost. I am no longer even sure of the version

  • What is "srv_listen" permission used for?

    What is "srv_listen" permission used for?October 28

    I've noticed (by using XPrivacy) that many applications (and some that has nothing to do with location, such as TextSecure) require the following permissions: Location: srv_listen Phone: srv_listen (These permissions seem to be linked) I failed to fi

  • Can I use XPrivacy as an Antivirus?September 23

    I am using XPrivacy + Xposed Framework. is it safe to consider that malware can be controlled thank to Xprivacy? --------------Solutions------------- Long version Ok so let me first highlight what XPrivacy can and can't do. Up to Android 6, permissio

  • Google Dialer crashes when Contacts are disabledJuly 4

    I disabled the Google "10003 Contacts" App in the Apps preferences, and although I have installed CardDav for my contacts that I use via my owncloud, the Dialer crashes when I click on a Contact in the call-history How Can I Block the default Go

  • Which rights are needed to add widgets to the desktop?July 3

    I installed xprivacy on my rooted device and blocked all privileges to the "Google Search"-app. Now i cannot add any widgets any more. Which rights do I have to allow and how could I find out such questions my self? --------------Solutions------

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