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  • Xterm and User problem on Linux From ScratchFebruary 13

    Ok. To make things clear, I made a linux system using LFS book 7.8 and then went to BLFS 7.8 . I installed lxdm and xfce4 desktop. All the necessary drivers and libraries are installed. Now when I log in as root, I get no problem. But when I log in a

  • display no longer listends to console after starting X11, not even after shutting down X11February 11

    From the console, or another virtual terminal, I launch X11. This is in Free BSD. I cannot return the display to any other terminal afterwards. By using the ctl-alt-F1 key combination, for example. Using that key combination seems to direct the keybo

  • Run in background but not discarding the outputFebruary 8

    I use a Git hosting. So I often run git push. I want to run git push in background, in order that me not to wait when it finishes but do other tasks in my terminal. But I don't want to run git push in real background (git push &) because I need to se

  • Vim insert mode changes the font defined in ~/.XresourcesFebruary 5

    Background I am running Arch Linux with the i3 WM. I am trying to customize the font in Xterm by editing ~/.Xresources as every online resource online has told me to. What i have done I add the following lines to .Xresources *xterm*faceName: DejaVu S

  • whiptail makes terminal window disappear in VMwareFebruary 2

    On a VMware virtual machine running on Windows 10 I installed Ubuntu 14.04 from some old dvd. Then I launched an xterm, said sudo bash to get a root terminal, edited /etc/apt/sources.list and ran apt-get install ... to install the trinity desktop env

  • xterm PS1 not working properlyFebruary 2

    for some reason I have found that xterm is not working properly as it should be, for example I was having a customized PS1 and now it only shows PC name and % like so ehab%, when I run source .bashrc I get what in PS1 var as a string, not having the

  • Multiple xterm pseudoterminals used as output only from multiple threadsFebruary 1

    I have been working on launching several threads from my program from which I'd like each of them to output to their respective terminal windows (that I have popping up in a tiled pattern). They are not shells, just terminal windows for output. I'm c

  • dynamic window title from command input (TCSH)January 28

    I am looking for a way to dynamically set the window title based on the command input. For instance, if I run elinks I want the window title to be set to elinks. I did search a lot, but all the info relates to bash. How can this be done with tcsh? Ma

  • cannot launch konsole from xtermJanuary 27

    I installed lxde & kde (along with konsole). now I launch xterm from a Windows host using Xlaunch(Xming) which works fine but when I want to launch konsole(my preferred shell) I get this error: :~$ konsole QDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection cr

  • How to scroll while Holding Shift to copy in tmux?January 27

    I have Mouse mode set to on in Tmux so that I can make use of the scroll wheel using set-window-option -g mode-mouse on. However if I want to copy the output of a particular command which spans more than the height of the terminal window, I can't scr

  • How can I print the xterm title?January 26

    I have a network simulator (mininet) which simulates switches and hosts for me. I can xterm switches in order to send packets. I want to print the the "xterm title" in the terminal. For example the xterm title is "Node:s1"(root), I am

  • Increase font sixe on Eterm terminalJanuary 25

    How I can increase the font size of my terminal. I need to use the terminal only as a telnet client, and I'd like to make the content of the windows fits perfect the windows it selfe. But it's ok even if I can just increase the font size in order to

  • Moving from screen to tmux but having trouble in copying (double click doesnt work in tmux)January 19

    While in putty double clicking a word copies it to clipboard, I am unable to copy by doubling clicking when I am using tmux in putty. I am able to do it using SHIFT key, but I want to do it without using SHIFT --------------Solutions------------- To

  • How to scroll back to the given line in the Ubuntu xterm and PuTTY line history buffer, or display exactly one screenful of text?January 19

    I use both PuTTY and xterm bash consoles to access an Ubuntu 12.04. I have a build script that calls cmake and pipes STDERR to STDOUT. When there is a compile-time error, the console sometimes fills with pages of error messages. I'm interested in onl

  • C-Passing arguments for execution of a program in new Xterm windowJanuary 16

    Problem statement:- How to pass arguments to a program for execution in a new Xterm/Gnome window which will be calling through execlp. A little elaborate explanation:-(oxymoron eh?) Consider the following program which will take a string as argument

  • How do you read the arrow keys?January 16

    Extensive searching on the use of raw mode with termios and xterm leads to numerous references to a "timing trick" required to distinguish between an escape-sequence and a lone appearance of the escape character. So how do you do it? -----------

  • Python send a command to XtermJanuary 14

    I have a python script that opens up file for me in emacs, and to do that it calls a process in xterm like so """AutoEmacs Document""" # imports import sys import os import psutil import subprocess from argparse import Argume

  • Making xterm use unifontJanuary 7

    This might be an exceedingly silly question, but I can't seem to solve it anyway. I want to use GNU's Unifont in xterm, and with the purpose in mind I installed the package xfonts-unifont, but to no avail; I do know I am supposed to use the -fn optio

  • Output of finished command run in screen is cut when scrolling up after the height of the terminalDecember 31

    If I start a screen session and run a command which produces a lot of output, e.g. a issue.py script with #!/usr/bin/python for i in range(0,1000000): print(i) detach (with CtrlAD) and reattach after the command has finished (takes about 5 seconds) w

  • Why .cpp files can run on xterm when .c or .cc files can't?

    Why .cpp files can run on xterm when .c or .cc files can't?December 29

    i wrote a code on codeblocks, compiled it and it created a executable file but didn't run. xterm is showing permission denied. but when i saved the program with .cpp extension it worked well and created a file with *.o extention. Can anyone please de

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