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  • Testing internal class or private method with xUnitMarch 9

    We're using xUnit as a unit testing framework. The instantiation of the internal classes can be done using [InternalsVisibleTo] attribute (like in here). What is a way to invoke a private method of the class with xUnit? The MSTest framework has Priva

  • TFS 2013 build with xUnit and MsTest both

    TFS 2013 build with xUnit and MsTest bothFebruary 11

    Does TFS 2013 using (tfvcTemplate.12.xaml) support multiple test runners? We have two unit test projects in our solution (MsTests and XUnit). I would like the build to run xUnit tests as well as MsTests. Projects: MySolution.UnitTests (mstests) MySol

  • xunit.core is incompatible with version of NuGet

    xunit.core is incompatible with version of NuGetFebruary 1

    I added a new project to the solution. I've added some nuget packages however it fails when building on TFS. It works fine when building locally. I get the following error messages: C:\Builds\8\Server-Dev-CI\src\.nuget\NuGet.targets (58): The schema

  • Test Results and Documentation SiteJanuary 29

    Currently i am using these tools to run my tests,code coverage and documentation: Unit testing: jasmine xUnit Code Coverage: Istanbul dotCover Documentation: Typedoc As i'm trying to do everything modular for both frontend and backend we have multipl

  • Trouble checking if the returnType is HttpNotFoundResult using xunit testing mvc.controllerJanuary 28

    I am trying to test a Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc.Controller that return Task<IActionResult> if the id passed in gets a hit, and returns a HttpNotFound() if no hits. How can I, using xUnit, test to see if what i get back is the HttpNotFound or an actual re

  • In F# how do you pass a collection to xUnit's InlineData attributeJanuary 27

    I would like to be about to use a list, array, and/or seq as a parameter to xUnit's InlineData. In C# I can do this: using Xunit; //2.1.0 namespace CsTests { public class Tests { [Theory] [InlineData(new[] {1, 2})] public void GivenCollectionItMustPa

  • Jenkins xUnit test result reportJanuary 26

    I have a Jenkins job to copy some test reports(xml) to local and convert them to jUnit reports via xUnit. The issue is that there are no failed or skipped test, but I always get [xUnit] [INFO] - Check 'Failed Tests' threshold. [xUnit] [INFO] - Check

  • How can i write unit test for this actionfilterJanuary 24

    public MyContext _db; public override void OnActionExecuted(HttpActionExecutedContext actionExecutedContext) { if (_db == null || !_db.ChangeTracker.HasChanges()) { return; } try { _db.SaveChanges(); } catch { } } This is my action filter for my wep

  • Separate In Memory Databases EF7January 21

    Is there any way to create a separate (isolated) instance of an EF7 In Memory Database? I am using the In Memory Database in Entity Framework 7 in my unit tests written in xUnit. I would like to be able to run the tests in parallel but this isn't rea

  • Assert not recognized by XUnit

    Assert not recognized by XUnitJanuary 18

    I want to move from MSTest to XUnit and installed the following VS extentions I can write facts and run my tests successfully, but for some reason Assert is unrecognised --------------Solutions------------- I don't have any XUnit extensions installed

  • FsCheck.xUnit: testing types from another assemblyJanuary 17

    I'm trying to make my first test with FsCheck and xUnit. I have the following setup: An F# class library with a single file namespace Lib type ABC = A | B | C A project called Tests with a reference to FsCheck.xUnit NuGet package with a single file:

  • Error running xunit test with unquote library and Visual Studio 2015 - Method not foundJanuary 15

    Getting this error "System.MissingMethodException : Method not found: 'Swensen.Unquote.UnquotedExpression Swensen.Unquote.Operators.unquote(Microsoft.FSharp.Quotations.FSharpExpr)" in Visual Studio 2015. Tried it in Visual Studio 2013 and it wor

  • Testing Framework Selection: xUnit family theoryDecember 20

    Background: I am familiar with xUnit family frameworks and have had experience with (shunit2, PhpUnit and simpletest). I am currently trying to find a testing framework for C++. I did a quick search for frameworks using Wikipedia's list of documented

  • How are design-by-contract and property-based testing (QuickCheck) related?June 29

    Is their only similarity the fact that they are not xUnit (or more precisely, not based on enumerating specific test cases), or is it deeper than that? Property-based testing (using QuickCheck, ScalaCheck, etc) seem well-suited to a functional progra

  • When, Where, and How to Unit Test July 18

    This question already has an answer here: When is it appropriate to not unit test? 13 answers I'm very familiar with xUnit frameworks and I try to implement unit tests on every project I start. Somewhere along the way, I realize that I'm writing the

  • Why don't xUnit frameworks allow tests to run in parallel?March 8

    Do you know of any xUnit framework that allows to run tests in parallel, to make use of multiple cores in today's machine? If none (or so few) of them does it, maybe there is a reason... Is it that tests are usually so quick that people simply don't

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