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Use Font Awesome in Inkscape

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Is there a way to convert Font Awesome icons to SVG graphics, so that I can use them in Inkscape inside other vector images?

Importing Font Awesome to Inkscape for Icon Reference does not help here, as this only refers to the font editor - but I just want to convert the font to a set of SVG graphics.

Is this possible? If so, how?


I use Inkscape primarily as my primary vector editor. I'm on a mac.

As far as I can tell, there's no way to just get the vectors directly into Inkscape (you'd think opening up the svg font file would give you something but nope)

Installed the otf font (again I'm on a Mac, if on Windows try other font types if you don't like the otf). Copy in all the characters as type.

Then "outline" them in Inkscape as you would turn any font into artwork.

This is how I got the vectors in Inkscape.

To be clear: After installing the latest Font Awesome font, I open up the Font Awesome "cheatsheet" page: http://fontawesome.io/cheatsheet/

I select the FontAwesome font as my font in Inkscape

I then copy the ICON itself from the the Font Awesome cheatsheet page and paste it into Inkscape as text.

Last, just "ungroup" the text selection until it becomes a pathed object.

You can then change/tweak the vectors.

I've added this answer to the original post as well, adding here also:

What I've done is this: create a new inkscape file with just a simple path in it. Save and close Inkscape, open the file with a text editor. Now, open the fontawsome svg file with a text editor. Copy all the tags, paste them inside the first file, inside the tag. Search for "glyph", replace with "path". Save the file. Now, open this file Inkscape. All the glyphs have now been converted to path, but they sit on top of each other.

It took me about 5 minutes of moving and resizing (align + distribute helps a lot here) to rearrange all the icons to about a dozen of columns inside a page.

You may explain a bit better what Font Awesome is. I suppose it exists of PNG images, probably small in size. I have converted PNG and JPEG logo's to vector images, in Illustrator. I suppose the same can be done in Inkscape. It's a lot of work, and for one reasonably sized logo this is doable although it will never be perfect. For many really small images, too much work I think.

Have you contacted the creators of these images? Maybe they have them available somewhere.

You better google for vector graphics, use Google Image search with ai, eps or svg as filetype filter, and use another set.

You can add it as a true-type font in Windows and then use charmap to find what you need.



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