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User friendly property file editor

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We use the property files to read all application configuration values. The property file is structured like a tree here is some sample keys:

#This is structure is common approach  in most of applications. transfer.limit.daily=20000 transfer.limit.monthly=3000000 site.default.theme=blue site.auto.sms=false site.auto.email=false 

To change these config files more easily, we have thinking of a management console which can be used by system administrators.

We find the propertyTree at https://bitbucket.org/hallyhaa/propertytree/wiki/browse good tool, it shows the property file in a tree format and you can define some validation on property values. For example site.auto.email must be Boolean or site.default.theme can be red,blue,green.

This tool is very basic and, I wonder if there are better tools which can help us manage these property files.

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