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Using a Network Bridge to provide an Internet Connection

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I have the following setup:

  • (A) a WiFi enabled 3G/4G Device which is providing connection to the internet
  • (B) a Wifi enabled laptop that can connect to the 4G device. (with Windows 7)
  • (C) a router which has 4 ports and one "Internet" port
  • (D) a desktop computer without Wifi. (Running Windows XP Pro SP3)

I created a bridged connection on the laptop that uses its Wifi Adaptor to connect to 4G Device. I have an Ethernet cable running into router into the Internet network port.

I have the desktop plugged into the routers's Network 1-4 ports.

My problem is that I can access the Internet with the laptop but cannot access the Internet using the desktop.

Was there a setting that I skipped in Windows 7 or XP that I should've hit?


You need Internet connection sharing(which comes with Windows 7)

The good news is that if all else is correct, you simply need to turn it on.

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