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Using read to simply short bash command

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I am trying to simplify a small command I use for some video streams I use.

I can successfully call the streamed video with the following:

livestreamer -p mpv --crunchyroll-username="USERNAME_HERE" --crunchyroll-password="PASSWORD_HERE" LINK_HERE --player-passthrough hls 

I use my account info, and paste the video link. This opens the said stream in mpv and plays fine.

The bash script I am using to just call for the URL with read then complete is like this:

#!/bin/bash  read -p "Please enter URL of Crunchyroll Video: " url  livestreamer -p mpv --crunchyroll-username="USERNAME_HERE" --crunchyroll-password="PASSWORD_HERE" $url --player-passthrough hls 

However, this just does nothing, and outputs me back to a clean line. Is there something I am missing? I wonder if its possible that this is just exiting the whole command before it runs because it needs to be told to pass it on or something.

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