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Version of Eclipse for Android Development

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I'm having trouble choosing version of Eclipse for Android development. I downloaded Eclipse Mars 1, and it does not show ANDROID NEW so I have to know now what I download.

I have read a few sites online and they said that you go to File > new > Project > Android. I'm using Eclipse mars 1 just to know. I did not have that so that is why I need to know what I need to use and I do not want to use Android Studio. Is it just Eclipse that I need or a plugin also that is needed. So which version of Eclipse should I use?


To code Android applications in Eclipse you need to install the Android ADT to the Eclipse you use ( In your case it is Mars) it is done through Help -> Install New Software, then in combo add "https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse/ " then select the "Developer Tools" and hit "Next" and then "Finish". Then restart Eclipse and perform File > new > Project > Android, you will find it. For more info refer this site But I recommend you to shift to Android Studio as it the Official Android Development IDE now

Eclipse require ADT plugin to support Android development.

ADT 23.0.7 (August 2015) requires Eclipse Indigo (Version 3.7.2) or higher is required.

But the ADT plugins are no longer supported by Google.

Support for the Android Developer Tools (ADT) in Eclipse has ended, per our announcement. You should migrate your app development projects to Android Studio as soon as possible.

So it's recommended to download Android Studios for Android development.

Try following the instructions in the link bellow.


I have figured out how to do it finally!!!

And i tried it twice

This is all you have to do download adt-bundle for windows max or what ever your using.

Inside there is a eclipse folder go in that and there you have eclipse.exe

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