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Where can I find a list and documentation for samba share definitions?

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I'm looking for a reference for what goes under the share name... I feel like there are about 6 dozen different options but I can't find a good reference anywhere... someone help me out?

[myshare]     path = /export/myshare     valid users = mydomain\user1 mydomain\user2     public = no     writable = yes     browseable = No 


The smb.conf(5) man page covers this. It lists all the parameters and says

The letter G in parentheses indicates that a parameter is specific to the [global] section. The letter S indicates that a parameter can be specified in a service specific section. All S parameters can also be specified in the [global] section - in which case they will define the default behavior for all services.

Have you seen SWAT?

It is started from xinetd. Have a look for something like /etc/xinetd.d/swat and set disabled = no, then restart xinetd. This does assume that you have xinetd installed and SWAT is included with your Samba. Also you may want to change the only from line to for remote access. Disable it again after use ...

You should be able to point your browser at http://localhost:901 and then login. You may want to run #smbpasswd -a root to add an account that can can edit smb.conf.

The docs are all linked into SWAT including an HTML version of the man page.


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