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Why are my fonts bold?

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Sorry for the large screenshot, but I wanted to include everything that's here:

Why are my fonts bold?

Why are my fonts bold in both Chromium and Firefox?

(I have not modified any font settings in Chromium or Firefox; this is a fresh install.)


This is likely a problem with manual installation of fonts. Install MS fonts from ttf-mscorefonts-installer package to ensure all font files are installed, and if you installed these fonts manually, remove them from your personal fonts folder (~/.fonts).

On Chrome go to Preferences>Advanced>Web Content , you will be presented with the respective options to change them. Why are my fonts bold?

I don't know 'bout Firefox though.

I see this thread is almost two years old but I'm posting my workaround for others to use:

I had the same exact problem with Chrome on Ubuntu 12.10. I installed the Roboto font in ~/.fonts (all 16 fonts). Even though I set everything to "Roboto Light" under gnome-tweak-tool, Chrome was still using Black (or Bold).

To fix it: I deleted all Roboto fonts except for the Light variant and it started to work properly. Perhaps you should try this, removing the other variants of

Still unsure why Chrome did this, but perhaps it just sees "Roboto" has the font and picks the first file in the folder?

For me the solution for bold fonts in Google Chrome was

rm -rf /usr/share/fonts/truetype/roboto

I've installed the Roboto fonts myself a long time ago. The location should be the same if you haven't copied it manually. I'm using Mint 17.

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