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Why Oracle 11g installs in folder C:\app\ name_of_user

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Just curious, now Oracle 11g installs by default in folder C:\app\

Why? Before, Oracle was installed by default in folder C:\oracle... Why now is created "app" folder?


I think the reason is to harmonize the unix and windows file system structure. On Windows the structure is /<mountpoint>/app/<username>. On Windows it is <DRIVELETTER>:\app\<username>. <mountpoint> is a directory name (Oracle prefers u01,u02,...), <DRIVELETTER> is C, D ... and <username> is the username of the Oracle software owner. The reason for /<mountpoint>/app/<username> is that Oracle assumes the unix home directory in something like <mountpoint>/home/<username>. Then all the base directories of the oracle user have the structure /*/*/oracle. Choosing <DRIVELETTER>:\app\<username> (or /<mountpoint>/app/<username>) instead of <DRIVELETTER>:\<username> also avoids potentially naming conflicts. In contrast to <DRIVELETTER>:\app the directory <DRIVELETTER>:\ does not contain only directories that equals usernames.

This is explained in the documentation, here. See "B.2 Changes to the Optimal Flexible Architecture for Oracle Database".

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